Why Travelers Visit Virunga National Park

Virunga national Park has 2 ape taxa because of its chimpanzee and mountain gorillas that can be seen in Mahura forest.

Why Travelers Visit Virunga National Park

The reasons why most travelers visit Virunga national Park as so fantastic and there are so many features and facts that motivate travelers to visit and take part in the tour activities of the Virunga. Virunga is among Africa’s or world’s feared jewels or long forgotten park as you will be amazed by its beauty and they live only to tell true stories to others. Virunga is found in the DR Congo which is well known for its political instability. You should however not worry about your security when visiting the park since there is a full time convoy to secure you in your trip. The security convoy begins to be with you from Goma town until you reach all the parts of the park you wish to reach.

Virunga national Park has 2 ape taxa because of its chimpanzee and mountain gorillas that can be seen in Mahura forest. The park has wildlife sector known as Lulimbi sector where you will meet animal species such as hippopotami, savannah elephants plus the Ishasha plain’s tree climbing lions. The park is also famous for having the world’s largest Crater Lake on Mt Nyiragongo which is among the few remaining active volcanoes. You can also decide to visit Tchegera Island that you cool yourself from the hectic hikes of the safari. The park also has wonderful safari packages for it tourists with the shortest package offered of 2 days at Nyiragongo Kike and also 3 day gorilla trekking that comes with 2 nights for accommodation.

Virunga National Park attracts many tourists who are looking for the most affordable gorilla trekking permits. The mountain gorilla permits cost USD 400 as the cheapest if compared to the other 2 gorilla destinations which have their permits at USD 700 and USD 1,500.

Virunga national park is the only destination which has a gorilla orphanage you can visit at a free cost. This is where a visitors have a chance to spend enough time with gorillas and this offer is done at Mikeno lodge so visitors can book this package from Mikeno lodge and enjoy with gorillas.

Main factor attracting tourists to visit the park, the climate of the park is full of amazing weather. The weather is favored by rainforest thus DRC is receives a wet season which is due to the forest. The climate attracts many tourists to come and visit DRC. During wet season, a permit is sold at 200USD which is half of the normal price. The wet season months include October- December and drier months are from January-March and June- September and these are the busiest month in the tourism industry in the country because it is easier time to trek into the thick forest even the clear views of the park.

You can now tell why tourists visit Virunga National park. You can book with us for memorable experience. You may choose to fly directly to the country and you land at Goma airport or Kigali International airport. The drive lasts for 4 hours to reach Gisenyi as you’re crossing to the meeting point of the park known as Grande Barrier.

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