Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park

Visitors to Kidepeo valley national park can stay at the following accommodation facilities

Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park

Where to stay in Kidepo Valley National Park? Kidepo valley national park is located in the North-Eastern part of Uganda in the district of Kaabong and offers spectacular views of wildlife in their natural habitat. Kidepo is one of the parks in Uganda with abundant species of wildlife and including wild animals and unique plant species. Most of the wild animals sighted in the park in big numbers include the elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, waterbuck, bushbuck, lions, leopards, spotted hyenas,bat-eared fox, warthogs among others.

Kidepo park also harbors most of the unique bird species. Over 400 species of bird are located in Kidepo National park and these include the ostrich, green bee-eater, kori bustard, red and yellow barbet, pygmy, hornbill, pygmy falcon, hornbills, red and yellow barbet, among others. It is because of these attractions that Kidepo National park has a lot of tourist activities which include game viewing drives, nature walks, bird watching, cultural safari tours among others.

Where to stay in Kidepo national park. These include several hotels and lodges include campsites where visitors can stay while they are in Kidepo valley national park for safari activities. Kidepo Valley National park has not all that many accommodation facilities but the few available range from luxury, midrange, and budget. It depends on your budget and preference to select which accommodation facility you can stay in while in this wonderful park.

Visitors to Kidepeo valley national park can stay at the following accommodation facilities

Apoka Safari Lodge:

This is a luxury accommodation facility situated in Kidepo Valley. Apoka safari lodge features four twin rooms housing two to four visitors each and possesses six double rooms each with a capacity of two visitors. The rooms at Apoka lodge are constructed in a way that gives visitors maximum comfort with a private verandah and inner design offering relaxation and a conducive environment to travelers. Visitors staying at their lodge can comfortably see the views of wildlife in the park and scenic views of the park

Apoka safari lodge features lodge amenities that include a shower with running cold and hot water, private verandahs per room to offer scenic views, mosquito nets, hand-hewn beds with soft and conducive towels, woolen carpet, among others. Other facilities include a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, open fireplace for camping, spam electricity connection, Longue and all other species and facilities to make your stay so comfortable.

Kidepo Savannah Lodge:

Kidepo Savanah Lodge is also one of the best accommodation facilities strategically constructed on the Kawoolokol hills proving clears views of Narus valley. It’s just 500 meters away from the park Karokudo gate.  Kidepo Savanah lodge accommodation facilities are presented in 12 safari tents on a raised platform with private verandahs. There is one double room with two comfortable and spacious beds with a mosquito net on each bed. The lodge also features 9 rooms that are not self-contained and these are comprised of 2 single beds and one double bed with a mosquito net.

The Facilities offered here include a table, phone charging outlets, flushing toilets, restaurants serving both lunch and supper, a spacious lounge, spacious bar serving both soft and hard drinks, among others. Visitors a tying at   Kidepo Savannah Lodge enjoy the beautiful views of  Morungole mountain, Narus valley, and its associated animals such as elephants, buffaloes lions, leopards, and several antelopes.

Adere Safari Lodge:

Adere safari lodge is a newly built-up luxurious accommodation facility on the edge of   Kidepo valley national park just a few kilometers away from the Park Gate. Accommodation here is presented in form of seventeen (17) cottages having both single and double rooms well made of natural wood. The lodge has amenities that include hot and cold running water, ensuite bathroom, flush toilets, and facilities like restaurants, bar, swimming pool, simple football pitch, laundry among others.

Apoka Rest camp:

Apoka Rest Camp provides accommodation facilities to budget travelers that are run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with 16  self-contained cabins and 14 basic bandas with each containing two beds. There is a camping ground as well where travelers can go and camp as they carry their camping equipment coupled with drinks and food.

Nga’moru Wilderness Camp:

Nga’moru wilderness camp is a semi-luxury hotel offering mid-range accommodation facilities to travelers in Kidepo Valley National Park.  Nga’moru Wilderness Camp is situated four kilometers away from Katarum gate providing magnificent views of Narus valley. This means that visitors will watch the stunning views of wildlife, savannah plains, mount Morungole and a better environment for relation. Accommodations at Nga’moru Wilderness Camp have presented in-form of three bathhouses that accommodate 1 to 4 single beds with amenities such as en-suite bathrooms, a balcony, running water. There are also three safari tents which accommodate one or two single beds offering facilities single beds, outdoor shower, and balcony and offers spectacular views of Morungole Mountain, wildlife. A bar and restaurant serving meals and drinks are also present.

Visitors can access Kidepo valley National park by use of both road and air transport and therefore fore you can book with African Adventure Vacation for the best travel safari to Kidepo Valley National Park.

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