Where To Stay In Kibale Forest National Park

The following are some of the accommodation facilities in form of lodges where visitors can comfortably stay as they enjoy their safari activities in Kibale Forest National Park

Where To Stay In Kibale Forest National Park?

Where to stay in Kibale National Park: This involves different lodges and hotels in Kibale forest national park where visitors who intend to go to the park for chimpanzee trekking and other different safari activities within the park can stay comfortably, enjoy good food, services and facilities.

Kibale forest national park has a lot of accommodation facilities in form of hotels, lodges, and campsites where visitors can book and stay for their entire tour of Kibale Forest National Park. The accommodation facilities available are divided into the budget, midrange, and luxurious / upmarket lodges and hotels. Therefore the choice of the accommodation facility for you to stay at will depend on your budget, interests, and maybe the convenience of the hotel to your chimpanzee trekking safaris.

Most of the lodges are found adjacent to Kibale forest national park not within the park. For those interested in the lodge within the park, you have only one option which is a primate lodge. This is the only lodge in Kibale Forrest National Park that is located inside the park but the rest are outside the park. All the lodges are well built with restaurants and a well-stocked bar, well-built lounge areas, and visitors staying at either of the lodges will find ease in trekking chimpanzees within the forest, going for nature guided safari walks, bird watching safaris, Crater Lake tour, and visits to Bigodi wetland sanctuary.

The following are some of the accommodation facilities in form of lodges where visitors can comfortably stay as they enjoy their safari activities in Kibale Forest National Park.

Ndali lodge:

This is one of the best luxurious lodges constructed at the edges of Kibale forest national park. After reaching Fortportal tourism city visitors will need to follow the road to Kibale and at Kisisi you will make a right turn and drive about 12 kilometers where you see a signpost of Ndali lodge.

 The accommodation at Ndali lodge is presented into eight cottages which can house up to sixteen guests. It is found in the crater field of Kasenda and Nyinambuga Crater Lake can be easily viewed by visitors staying at this lodge. The facilities such as food, drinks are fantastic and you can enjoy your breakfast as you overlook Ruwenzori ranges, crater lakes, and vast forested areas.

Primates lodge:

This is the only lodge located inside Kibale Forest National Park. Staying at this lodge is fantastic as you will be woken up with sounds and songs of primates and birds within the park. the accommodation here is presented in form of eight supper cottages and seven forest cottages with a camping ground and one treehouse. Enjoy facilities such as a well-stocked bar, campfire, souvenir shop, lounge, parking space, and charging facilities among others. Enjoy the true wildlife experience by staying at the primate lodge in Kibale Forest National Park.

Kibale Forest Camp:

This offers ten safari tents well-paced in swanky forests. It provides food services that are well served in a grass-thatched restaurant. Kibale forest camp is located at the boundaries of Kibale forest national park and it borders the Bigodi swamp thus making it ideal for Chimpanzee trekking and birding safaris in Bigodi forest. Bigodi swamp is home to several bird species. Kibale forest camp also offers budget accommodation facilities on a special arrangement. Both local and international food is served at Kibale Forest Camp.

Kyaninga Lodge:

As the name suggests, Kyaninga lodge is situated at the rim of Lake Nyaninakm jut near Ruwenzori Mountains dubbed the mountain of the moon. The lodge offers luxurious accommodation services that are presented in eight cottages with single, double, and twin rooms. Kyaninga lodge features facilities such as a double-sided fireplace, a restaurant, two raised galleries, a swimming pool, and two lounges in the main house overlooking Lake Kyaninga.

There are other accommodation lodges around Kibale Forest National park and these include Isunga Lodge situated just a few kilometers away from Fortportal tourism city with quality services,  crater safari lodge located near Nyinabulitwa lake with seven luxury cottages, a mountain of the moon hotel, chimp nets lodge, Ruwenzori view guest house among other accommodation facilities. It is all about you to choose which accommodation facility fits your budget.

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