Hot Air Balloon Safaris In Murchison Falls National Park

How much can I pay for hot air balloon safaris in Murchison Falls National Park

When To Do Hot Air Balloon Safaris In Murchison Falls National Park

Hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park is an amazing adventure activity that visitors can engage in while in Uganda for safaris. It is a relatively new safari activity that has been introduced by the Uganda wildlife authority in Murchison falls national park.  Murchison falls national is a prominent park in Uganda given the number of visitors it receives annually.

The park shelters over 75 species of mammals and over 450 bird species. The mammal species of Murchison falls national park include the big 4 animals including buffaloes, elephants, lions, and leopards. Sometimes visitors bypass Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for rhino tracking before they proceed to Murchison falls national park. Tracking rhinos and then proceed to Murchison means that you will have the complete experience of the big 5 mammals of Africa on your Ugandan safari. Other animals in Murchison include giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, waterbucks, warthogs, Uganda kobs, waterbucks among others.

The bird species in Murchison falls animal park include the yellow-billed stork, Grey-headed Bush-Shrike, African darter, rare shoebill stork, goliath heron, Speckle-fronted Weaver, Standard-winged Nightjar, kingfisher, Abdims stork Spotted Mourning Thrush, Long-toed Plover among others.

Heat air balloons in Murchison falls national park is run by Dream Balloons accompany that started its operations in Egypt in the year 2007 but because of demand for the services by different travelers, the company decided to a company that was first licensed and established in 2007 to operate hot air balloon safaris in Egypt but later expanded its operations in East Africa and then Uganda.

To start its operation in Uganda, dream Balloons Company was licensed by the relevant authorities including the civil aviation authority, national environment management authority, Uganda communications commission, and Uganda Wild Life Authority. The pilots flying the balloons have to be well experienced and are licensed and certified by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority and Egyptian Aviation Authority. Pilots must have flown over 1000hours to earn certification.

Hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park vary in size and the bigger the volumes of the air, means the more visitors to be accommodated on safari. Visitors to Murchison falls national park will enjoy medium-sized hot air balloon safaris whereby eight visitors or tourists will be flown up to 10000feet above the sea level. Such safaris are convenient for safari families, honeymoon, and private use.

The hot air balloon in Murchison Falls National park is well serviced and every after safari the hot air balloon is well serviced by the specialized engineers and Civil Aviation authority always inspect the services of the hot air balloon to ensure that its always safari and in stable and good conditions.

Hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls ate conducted into two trips a day that is one that starts early at 5:00 am and that one that starts at 4:00 pm and goes up to 6:30 pm. Yes, the safaris start with safety precautions and a briefing of the visitors by the experts. Hot air balloons are conducted in the northern side of the Murchison Falls National Park and visitors staying in the southern park will have to be transferred to the starting point usually the Uganda wildlife speed boats. This will apply to those staying at the northern side expect that for them they will just need to be transferred and taken to the starting point. You will watch how the balloons are inflated and once it is done you will start flying for about 2hours.

The hot air balloon safaris in Murchison Falls National Park provide the best views of the park including varied wildlife species such as animals, water bodies like the river Nile and Lake Albert, birds, savannah vegetation. All the visitors participating in this activity will be rewards a certificate for participating in this wonderful activity. Visitors will enjoy the good bush breakfasts and a good bottle of Champaign courtesy of Paraa safari lodge and thereafter you will be transported back to point of stay or at your lodge.

When to do hot air balloon safaris in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda?

Any traveler or visitor who might be wondering when to go and engage in hot air balloon safaris activity in Murchison falls national park, you need not worry because here at adventure vacations we provide you with the details of what time is best for you to engage in hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park.

Hot air balloon safaris are conducted in Murchison falls national park located in the northwestern part of Uganda. It’s the biggest national park in Uganda and the most visited park by travelers. The best attractions within this park include the beautiful wildlife species, the spectacular Murchison Falls, the big four mammals of Africa, the Nile river, and the culture of the local people. These attractions have created activities such as game drive safaris, sport fishing, cultural tours, hot air balloon safaris, nature walks, chimpanzee tracking among others that tourists have enjoyed on their vacations to explore the African wildness.

Balloon safaris in Murchison Fall National Park offer a wonderful activity to test your adrenaline levels as you fly in the balloon safely and comfortably. The hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park can be carryout any time or any month of the year however like another safari activity, the best time when you can go and enjoy this safari is during the dry.

The dry season in Murchison falls national park happens or takes place during the following months December, January, and February.  June, July, August, and September. During these months there are fewer rains and this provides favorable conditions for travelers to see the treetops, wildlife, water bodies, animals grazing in Savanah grassland, the clear park views. Heavy rains lead to the cancellation of a hot air safari trip and once this happens you will be refunded.

Besides hot air balloon safaris, visitors to Murchison falls national park will have a chance to participate in other different activities of the park which include the safaris game drives, the guided nature walks, boat cruise safaris, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching safaris, cultural safaris among other activities

How much can I pay for hot air balloon safari in Murchison Falls National Park:

This is an uninteresting question that very many visitors ask themselves and how best they can handle it, it is good to understand the price or fee that you can pay to enjoy the hot air balloon safaris in Murchison falls national park? It is paramount to note that the full package of hot air balloon including breakfast in the bush, crossing the noise to the starting point especially for visitors staying in the southern sector of the park will cost you united states dollars 380 for foreign nonresidents and 300 united states dollars for foreign nonresidents but this time without bush dinner but other befits such as speed boats crossing the river Nile will be present.

Eats Africa residents will need to pay United States dollars 250 with a boat crossing the Nile, sunset, and sunrise views. For visitors who want hot air balloon safaris on privates, such an offer is also available. Suppose you want to have your honeymoon package, wedding proposal, photo-shoot sessions, and very important persons or VIPS you can pay 2000 United States dollars for such an arrangement. A visitor who travels with children will have to pay fifty percent of their price to children that are when the children are above 6 years and not beyond 12 years of age. Children below 6 years are not charged anything provided they can stand without the parent’s support. Hot air balloons offer a credible experience to travelers and please don’t miss this opportunity for your memorable experience. Hurry and book for this fascinating trip to Murchison Falls National Park with Africa Adventure vacations.

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