When to visit National parks in Rwanda

Rwanda’s National Parks can be visited any time of the year but you have to bear in mind that Rwanda experiences majorly two Seasons of climate which dictate the type of tourism activity

When Is The Best time To Visit National Parks in Rwanda?

When is the best time to visit National Parks in Rwanda? The best time to visit Akegera National Park, Volcanoes National park, Nyungwe Forest National park, and Gishwati-Mukula national parks in Rwanda is during the dry season when wildlife game drive safari and primate tracking safaris can be conducted and experienced without any difficulty. Rwanda is one of the small countries found in East and Central Africa. Rwanda is a land located country with its highest altitude stands at 45507 meters at Karismbi while the lowest point at 950 meters which is at River Rusizi.

Rwanda is dubbed the land of 1000 hills due to various hills and mountains that spread the whole country. The countries her immediate neighbors include Uganda in the Northern direction, Democratic Republic of Congo in the Western direction, Tanzania in the Eastern direction, and Burundi in the Southern direction.  Kigali is the main country city and capital city located at the heart of the country and Kigali International Airport acts as the main entry and exists for most of the international tourists flying in and out of Rwanda.

Rwanda is a famous destination for gorilla trekking safaris which are carried out in Volcanoes National park, Rwanda destination features several tourist attractions that have for long attracted and continue to attract numerous international visitors to come to Rwanda and explore the richness within this small country. The numerous attractions of Rwanda include the following among others;

As earlier said Rwanda is best known as the land of a thousand hills due to various mountains that form the tourist attractions. Mountains include the Volcanoes of Virunga that are known to offer the best hiking safaris experience for the visitors. These mountains include mount Gahinga, Huye, Karisimbi the highest with 45507 meters, Bisoke, Muhungwe, Muhabura, Rutare, Ngabwe, Kwiruhelo, Marenga, Ngabwe, Kabuye among other important hills available for hiking safaris.

Another important tourist attraction in Rwanda is mountain gorillas found in volcanoes national park. The park harbors the most number of gorillas in Virunga Massif. Mountain gorillas offer the best safaris for gorilla trekking and the gorilla trekking permit costs 1500 United States dollars.

Waters resources in Rwanda such Akagera river and the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhonda which offers scenic views and provides other touristic activities for the visitors. The twin lakes are found in the same area as Volcanoes National park in Musanze town in Musanze province. Other key lakes include Lake Muhazi, Ihema, and others.

Other important attractions in Rwanda include Sorwathe tea plantation, Ethnographic museum Inema Arts Center, Inema arts center in Kigali city, Kigali Genocide Memorial site,  the attractive local market of Kimironko, presidential palace which was the former presidents Habyarimana official residence, Kigali convention center and a variety of flora and fauna found in four designated National Parks of Volcano national park(Gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking) Akagera National Park(big  5 mammals of African safaris game drives, Nyungwe National Park (Chimpanzee tracking) and Gishwati-Mukura National park major for primates and birding.

When to visit National parks in Rwanda

Rwanda’s National Parks can be visited any time of the year but you have to bear in mind that Rwanda experiences majorly two Seasons of climate which dictate the type of tourism activity that visitors can engage in at the destination Rwanda. Usually, the safaris game drives and wildlife viewing is best done during the dry season when the trails are passable without being muddy or slippery. From June to September every year in Rwanda are the dry months which favors visitors visiting the park however you might receive some rains even in this period but not much and heavy. Still, visitors can enjoy gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzee tracking safaris, and golden monkey tracking safaris in Rwanda when it is a dry season. Hiking and guided nature forest walks can as well be done best during the dry season.

Rwanda experiences heavy rainfall in March, April, October, November, and Dry season with the least rainfall is in June, July, August, and September. Visitors can still visit Rwanda during the wet season to enjoy the discounted prices, especially on accommodation. The wet season presents the opportunity for the photographers because the parka is green and this makes photos so colorful. Therefore you will enjoy Rwanda National parks during the dry season.

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