What To See In Mount Elgon National Park

Vegetation still is characterized by the Meadors of grass

What To See In Mount Elgon National Park

What to see in mount Elgon national park? As you ascend to the higher altitude of mountain Elgon, the vegetation keeps changing varied for the one at the start of the foothill of the mountain. The lower mountain Elgon slopes are dominated by dense forests and this is attributed to the presence of the rain forests that the area receives. Still, the tree species coving the lower slopes of the mountains are vine-like liens, and the floor of the forest is mulched with ferns other flowering plants. As you raise a bit higher from the foothills of the mountains, there come the bamboo forests that are at 200 meters elevation and after this then the open woodland commenced. Their vegetation still is characterized by the Meadors of grass on both ends of the Afro-Montane zone producing the huge lobelias onto the ground.

Bird Species

Mountain Elgon’s forests are rich in birds, with a total of over 300 species, so bird lovers you can visit the mountain and get a chance to view various species which are commonly spotted in the thick scrub along the Chebonet River near camp. These are some of the bird species you will on your birding trip in mount Elgon include the African Blue Fly-catchers,  Mackinnon’s Fiscal,  African Goshawk, Chubb’s Cisticola, White-chinned Prinia, Chin-spot Batis, Doherty’s, and Luhder’s Bush-Shrikes and Baglafecht Weaver.

Fauna and Flora

Flora and fauna are also found in dense montane forest and mixed bamboo belts teeming with birdlife. You will then enter the attractive moorland zones which containing several interesting endemic plant species such as groundsels and Giant lobelia. you will be pleased to spot a lot of wildlife like primates such as the Blue Monkey, Black and White Colobus Monkey, and countless bird species, including the endangered Lammergeier and the Jackson’s Francolin which cannot be found anywhere else in Uganda, other species that are common in mountains include Hartlaub’s Turacos, Golden-Winged and Tacazze sunbirds, Ross’s and Black and White Casqued and Crowned Hornbills. You can also see the leopard, buffalo, duiker, hyena, and many more.

Water falls

Climbing Mount Elgon is an exciting experience and the best way to spend a few days on your hiking safari. While hiking mountains, tourists have a lot to learn like geography and history as well as exploring this great caldera, you can also hear the sounds of the Sipi falls, and do not miss out to visit Sipi falls on your safari to Eastern Uganda.

Visit Bulago off the Mbale-Sipi road reveals a village standing high above a waterfall. The waterfall faces the Simu Valley near Butandiga ridge. The route to Kapchorwa above Sipi Falls to the north offers a magnificent view to the vast plains of Karamoja towards and Mount Kadam. The top of the Sironko Valley in Budadiri, enclosed by the Mudangi Cliffs features a view of the peaks and montane. You can also visit the top of Wanale Cliff for panoramic views over the town of Mbale, where you will enjoy the clear view of the old Mbale town. Also, take photos with Mbale town in your background. Thus visit Eastern parts of Uganda and get a chance to enjoy such a beautiful and magnificent spot.

Caldera at Mount Elgon Park

Elgon is among the largest intact calderas in the entire world. The Caldera was made as a result of magma being drained after the chamber. When it could no longer support the overlying volcanic cone, it collapsed into a depression-like shape. In the Eastern corner of the caldera, hot springs are found.  In the Northwest, Simu Gorge was formed by the sheer weight of the water in the caldera passing through 2 stream beds out of the weak volcanic ash and agglomerate walls.

Jackson’s Pool and Jackson’s Peak

While at mountain Elgon national park, you will be able in a position to see Jackson’s Pool on Mountain which stands at an elevation of 4,050m and is a natural pool with shallow waters. This pool is in the shadow of the 4,165m high Jackson’s Peak, a free-standing volcanic plug mounting from the western flank of the mountain.

High in the mist-wreathed hills of eastern Uganda is a towering volcanic giant, crowned by a vast caldera etched by glacial tarns, fissured by valleys, honeycombed by labyrinthine caves, and cascaded by streams. Hikers have a chance to enjoy biking, explore the forest, see the elephant caves, hiking on the 8th highest mountain in Africa.                       

The warm springs by the Suam River

The Suam River, Turkwel River, and Nzoia River, some of which flow to Lake Victoria on both the Kenyan side and Ugandan side and others in Lake Turkana of Kenya. Mbale town on the Ugandan side is the best location near the mountain where you observe during the visit on Mount Elgon and Endebess Bluff is also another observation on Mount Elgon (2563m or 8408 ft).

While climbing Mount Elgon’s enchanting slopes you will meet four distinct forest types that is the lush montane forest where you will see the mixed bamboo belt, Elgon peak, the attractive heath, and spectacular moorland hyrachs and get a chance to see the rare endemic plant species, like the dotted clusters of peculiar groundsels, giant lobelia elgonensis which are unique plants in Africa.

You will also encounter the brilliant wild everlasting flowers and dense shrubs that will add to your Mount Elgon adventure. Also have an opportunity to see rare plants on the mountain, including, hoehnelii, Carduus, Ardisiandra wettsteinii afromontanus, Echinops. Bird lovers will enjoy about 300 bird species including the endangered lammergeiers, guinea fowls, Jackson’s francolin, turacos, sunbirds, and other bird species. Primates like white and black monkeys, blue monkeys various animals are also found in this park include bushbucks, civets, wildcats, and the elusive leopards, antelopes,  bush duiker, jackal, rock hyrax, hyena,  buffalo, and elephant.


Mudange cliffs offer an enjoyable challenge to mountain hikers, this is why it is called the “Wali of Death ladders”. Yet no tourist has ever died on that wall, but it provides an exciting experience to some hikers which becomes unique and a memorable moment.

Compliment your hike to Mount Elgon National park with a gorilla safari in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park of Uganda and explore more about these special primates. You can visit Murchison falls national park and take a boat cruise on the river Nile where you will see various aquatic animals like hippos, crocodiles and many more or you can do a game drive and view many wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes,  Uganda kob, hippos plus countless bird species.

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