How to get to Mount Elgon

This drive will take you 3-4 hours to get to the park

What To Pack Before Visiting Mount Elgon National Park?

What to pack and bring before visiting Mount Elgon national park? On your safari on mountain Elgon national park, you need to carry your items which are important to use during the hiking experience. You also need to bring less stuff and useful items as the hike is somehow difficult so will not be an easy one with heavy luggage on your back. However, you can hire a porter to carry them but you have to pay some amount. The necessary items are;

Hiking Boots

If you want to enjoy a hiking experience with no disturbance carry hiking boots because they protect your feet from rocks and the routes are very slippery, therefore on your safari hiking boots are one of the most important things you should carry for your hiking safari.

Hat and Sun Glasses

It is also important to carry a hat and sunglasses mostly for those who want to hike a mountain in the dry months of the year, this is an optional thing during the hiking experience but it is advisable to carry them to avoid disturbance.  They protect you from the light and heat.

Long-Sleeved Shirts / Blouse

 Long-sleeved shirts are important because when you’re hiking, you pass through big forests. Therefore, it is helpful for you to put on long-sleeved shirts and trousers into the boots to avoid flies and insects in the forest which can affect your body.

Rain Jacket

Most of the tourists prefer to hiking Mountain during the dry season of the year but Mountain Elgon national park is found in the Country where climate changes every time so you have to consider rain as an important thing on this safari.

Energy giving snacks

Since the full circuit takes 4-5 days, hikers are advised to carry some energy drinks plus a snack and enjoy their experience.

Cameras and extra batteries

Do not forget to carry a good camera and extra batteries for taking photos with mostly after reaching the top of peaks that to share with your loved ones when you’re back in your homeland. Also to keep memorable.

Pair of Binoculars

Apart from hiking Mountain Elgon, there are also other attractions in the park so it is important to carry binoculars with you so that you do not miss out on anything. Most especially bird lovers during the hiking process, you will also get an opportunity to see countless bird species including the rare

Garden Gloves

These gloves will protect you from germs and reduce the risk of other infections that may affect you because when you’re hiking you hold onto vegetation. Therefore, make sure you carry gloves on this safari.

Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are also important to carry because they give you a comfortable night you need to be energized for your activities. This makes your hike simple and keeps you always comfortable until you reach the highest peak.


Porters are also important on this safari as you’re hiking mountains so it is advisable to hire a porter who will help you to carry your things as well as support you to hike. In addition to this, each porter carries 18kg so any extra luggage is chargeable at extra cost.

Walking stick

A walking stick is also useful when carrying out mountain climbing activity, it helps you when the trail is slippery. A walking stick will be provided at the park headquarters.


It must be giving the directed beam of light with the flexibility and reliability of a high-quality flashlight- and battery-powered reading light.

Other necessary items are insect repellent, antibacterial wipes, Deodorant, Face cleanser, Floss, Lip balm, Malaria tablets, Personal hygiene items like Prescriptions, Razors, Shampoo, and conditioner, Shaving gel, Soap, body lotion, comb and brush, and among others.

How to get to Mount Elgon National Park.

Visitors can access Mount Elgon National Park from Kampala capital city, which is about 235kilometers from Kampala City via road. This drive will take you 3-4 hours to get to the park. Those traveling from Mbale town will have to travel just 20kilometers to get to the national park.

After climbing the mountain Elgon, you can also go gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park which is found in Western parts of Uganda, and enjoy this experience, also get a chance to explore more about these primates. You may go to Murchison falls national park for big five

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