What To Do in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the one of the park in Uganda with adventure activities such as Birding, Boat cruise, Game drives, Fishing, Horseback Riding and Nature Walk

What To Do in Lake Mburo National Park

What to do in lake mburo national park. There are several activities that take place in Lake Mburo and these include amazing venture which engages the tourists and they enjoy their stay in Mburo. Lake Mburo is such a rewarding place where tourists enjoy a lot of activities like bird watching and many other activities like seeing famous herbivores like reed bushbucks, oribi, African buffalo, common eland, warthogs, hippopotamus, and zebras.

What To Do In Lake Mburo National Park at Glance

Boat cruise
Game drives
Horseback Riding
Nature Walk

Lake Mburo National Park is the one of the park in Uganda with adventure activities which any visitor who visited Lake Mburo will never forget in his or her life and these are some of activities one should not miss out as explained below;

Birding: Birding in Lake Mburo national park is the amazing activity that one should not miss especially for the bird lovers because it gives you a chance to spot a lot of bird species in the woodlands of Uganda like woody gorges, Acacia woodland and among others which is the best place for bird species such as the African Rwenzori, archer’s ground robin, common moorhen Rwenzori nightjar, red-faced woodland warbler, paradise flycatcher, Rwenzori turaco, long-crested eagle handsome Francolin, double collared sunbird, dusky crimson wing, grey throated tit and marsh harrier. When it comes to the boat cruise, boat cruisers have a big opportunity to watch a lot of water birds like Narina trogon, Ross’s turaco and among others. Bird lovers of Lake Mburo national park, you have to note that it is good to bring your binoculars which will help you to see more birds even though it is far from you.

Boat cruise. Lake Mburo national park is good place for boat cruise since the park has a lake which is known as Mburo, so it offers high opportunity for visitors of Lake Mburo national park to participate in boat cruise. This activity gives you a chance to explore and view almost wildlife animals in the park like the hippos on the water bank mostly in evening hours, crocodiles are seen. You can also watch other wildlife animals in the plains of the park such as the buffaloes, impala, zebras, antelopes and among others. During boat cruise, you will also see many bird species including the Black-winged Bishop, Common Squacco, Blue Quails, Herons White-headed, and Black-billed Barbet, Black-headed, Blue-breasted Shining-blue Kingfishers, Greenwood Hoopoe and Pink-backed Pelicans,

Fishing. Fishing, this is also a great activity in Lake Mburo National park. Visitors of Lake Mburo national park that are interested in fishing in the park, will provide you with the opportunity since it has a lake within. Fishing in Lake Mburo is carried out in the area known as Mazinga, so all visitors who are interested in fish spotting at Mazinga area are allowed because it is free from hippos and crocodiles which can attack travelers. The most common fish which is caught in Mazinga area is tilapia fish. You are allowed to keep the fish caught and take it back home or at your reserved hotel and prepare it. During fishing in Mazinga area, visitors also have a chance to see a lot of water birds like the Great cormorants, African king Fischer, Grey-crowned cranes and among others bird species.

Game drives. Game drive is among the top activities in Lake Mburo national park. The park inhabits over 69 mammals and also over 350 bird species, so Lake Mburo national park gives a great opportunity to participate in game viewing and this activity is carried out in different game drives, that is morning game drive and night game drive, In the early morning drive, you will see the leopards, zebras, giraffes, antelopes and among others and during the night game drive, you will see wildlife animals such as the hyenas,  leopard since they are shy animals, they are normally seen in the early morning game drive and at night and many more. You will also watch bird species during game drives in Lake Mburo like the brown parrot, white headed barbet, African finfoot and many more.

Horseback Riding: Mihingo lodge is responsible for arranging horseback riding instead of the park management. You should be in position to book with Mihingo Lodge in advance so as to have an opportunity in participating in horseback riding. You will watch animals closely when horse riding other than the other game drives and you will watch these animals eating grasslands such as the giraffes, duikers, buffaloes, warthog, water buck, bush buck and among others. You will also different bird species like the long-crested eagle handsome francolin, paradise flycatcher and many more bird species.

Nature Walk: Lake Mburo National Park has got various trails that you can use during the nature walk and you will go to the different attractions. You will be given an armed ranger who will help you in walking through the savannah wild so as you are protected from wild animals. A guide is also available to guide you and it is good to listen to his instructions.

As you walk through the trails, you will spot numerous bird species that present the hidden beauty in Lake Mburo. Birds are seen in Rubanga Forest and around 40 bird species are seen flying in the park. Those visitors who are interested in nature walk, you will have a viewing platform of animals grazing in Lake Mburo national park.

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