What Makes Lake Mburo National Park So Special

The park also hosts predators like Hyenas and leopards. The park also inhabits 2 monkey species that is baboon and vervet.

What Makes Lake Mburo National Park So Special

What Makes Lake Mburo National Park So Special: Lake mburo is located on a highway that connects Kampala to Mbarara which is found in the western parts of Uganda. The park is full of amazing features that make it unique from other national parks which are located in Uganda.

Lake Mburo is the closest park close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Its strategic location has given it many chances for tourists to visit the park because coming from town to the park is easy. The journey only takes 3-4 hours to reach the park premises. Thus the park is unique from other parks because of the close location to the city of Kampala.

The fact that the park is easily accessed has made Lake Mburo more special.  Also the fact that Lake Mburo is located in a fast growing city known as Mbarara has given it an opportunity to be famous. Road developments in Mbarara has really influenced the activities that take place within the park. For example, it favors visitors to come to Lake Mburo and enjoy the park’s attractions without any kind of inconveniences.

Also because of the fact that Lake Mburo is the smallest park in Uganda gives it the opportunity to continentally famously known. Due to the status of the park, wildlife national market is improving faster due to the huge number of visitors coming to the park. The most amazing thing that makes Lake Mburo famous other than size, it is the amazing nature and features that call the attention of tourist to come and witness as they stay in such a small fragment of land.

Wildlife animals have contributed to the uniqueness of the park. The park has got a free exit and entrance. Lake Mburo is known to be the only park without elephants and lions, but recently lions have been brought to the park however no case that has been recorded stating that lions were seen chasing humans or tourists. Impalas make Lake Mburo unique because they a rarely found but Lake Mburo inhabits them and they are such nice looking creatures. Burchell’s zebras are also seen in Lake Mburo and they have attracted many tourists to come and see them thus the park becoming famous.

The park also hosts predators like Hyenas and leopards. The park also inhabits 2 monkey species that is baboon and vervet. You will also spot white tailed mongoose and mid-sized striped jackal.

Aquatic predators are located around the lakes in Lake Mburo and they have attracted a lot of tourists from various parts of the world to come and see them. Some of these aquatic predators include African crocodiles which are usually seen on the shores of lakes in Lake Mburo national park. Lake Mburo also hosts 3 species of otters.  The park has two entrances and one is supposed to pay some money so as to access the park premises. 20% of the money collected from the park entrance fee is used to develop the community projects like funding clinics and schools for local people. Local people help in directing tourists the directions of the park thus preventing tourists from getting lost on the way and locals do this in the way of marketing their park.

Lake Mburo national park’s climate is so unique that it also makes the park special. The climates favors the activities that take place in the park and this is because the park is found in the rain shadow area of Mountain Rwenzori and Lake Victoria. Lake Mburo is made up of 2 seasons that is, dry and wet seasons. The temperatures of Lake Mburo range from 23-25 degrees Celsius thus receiving modal rainfall which ranges from 500-1000millimetres.

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