What do mountain gorillas eat?

Gorillas commonly eat small animals thus cannot hunt big animals.

What do mountain gorillas eat?

What do mountain gorillas eat? The feeding of gorillas depends mostly on the habitat they reside from. For example, mountain gorillas in Lowland eat fruits while montane gorillas eat green plants in Bwindi forest, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Viruga national parks. These parks are characterized by thick forest cover and tall canopies hence making the best natural habitat for African mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas eat seeds and tree barks and this is because in dry season there are few fruits. Mountain gorillas also try to climb trees so as to get what to eat. Most western gorillas eat stems, shoots, pith and gorillas eat few fruits if compared to chimpanzees that eat a lot of fruits.

Western gorillas probably eat over 250 plant species thus have a lot of food. These primates commonly eat ginger, arrowroot families and among others.

Mountain gorillas also feed on Virunga volcanoes, nettles, thistles plus other 38 plant species. Females are said to be eating 19kg whereas males eat 30kg of plants.

Gorillas have got strong chewing muscles that provides energy for them to chew large plant materials. Mountain gorilla’s especially adult ones have pointed canine teeth but their teeth is more like that of human teeth.

Male Gorillas use canine teeth to fight their fellow males instead of using them to eat.

Mountain gorillas also feed on soil sometimes because soil contains minerals that lack in their usual plant food.

Gorillas commonly eat small animals thus cannot hunt big animals. This is 0.1% food addition whereas chimpanzees feeding food is 6%.

Gorillas like eating insect’s ass their prey diversity better than chimpanzees. They eat termites because they are rich in ash and iron plus anti-diarrheal characteristic. Termites are the alternative prey for the lowland gorillas.

Gorillas eat various inspect species on the region basis and also eat traditional prey sometimes.

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