Western Lowland Gorillas

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Western Lowland Gorillas

Western lowland gorillas have a great impact on the development of tourism in Africa due to the fascinating features they contain.

Mountain gorillas are among world’s endangered species found in few national parks. You will find their habitats on land. They stay in lowland areas or mountainous areas. It is estimated that only 250,000 gorillas are left worldwide with 1,000 mountain gorillas and the remaining are only lowland gorillas.

Mountain gorillas have their habitats in 3 countries and they are Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. Lowland gorillas are located in West Africa and they include Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, and the Central African Republic. Lowland gorillas stay in lowland swamps and forested areas plus the montane areas. Scientifically, lowland gorillas are called gorilla beringei graueri under the Hominide family kingdom Animalia. These apes in the DR Congo can also be found deep in the country’s south in Bukavu region which is on Lake Kivu in Kahuzi Biega National Park.

Western lowland gorillas are different from mountain gorillas in various ways and they help to distinguish them. The lowland adult male gorilla is said to be weighing around 180kg and a female one weighs around 84kg. The fur of both gorillas also differ in a way that the mountain gorilla’s fur is shabbier and longer while lowland gorilla’s fur is shorter and softer.

Western lowland gorillas are smaller in physical size if compared to the appearance of mountain gorillas that are bigger in size. They both stay in family groups of 4 to 100 with the head as dominant silverback. Adult male children in the family always separate from their families so as to go and start their own families. Both mountain gorillas and lowland stay in the nests and they build them on a daily basis as they are moving to the various places every day.

Their nests are made from tree branches and leaves. Mountain gorillas stay in higher altitudes that are cold and hence having darker fur whereas the lowland gorillas have light fur. Mountain gorillas are still considered world’s largest living primate. Dominant males are different since the elderly mountain gorillas stay with their grey hair on the back whereas lowland gorillas always lose their grey around the back and hips while they are aging.

Lowland gorillas are herbivores primates that is they eat tree shoots, leaves and branches and also feed on small insects such as small reptiles and ants. They are also known for moving in small groups of 4-8 members and they do not live solo or single lives. Lowland gorillas are estimated to have a life span of 35 years in the wild and 50 years in captivity.

Western lowland gorillas of DR Congo are mostly visited during the month that are dry and they include January-February and June-September.  These months make gorilla trekking much easier for the tourist.  The trek usually takes 2 hours and is arranged by Kahuzi Biega National Park.

The permit for gorilla trekking can be purchased at 400 USD and you will be allowed one hour in the wild as soon as you encounter gorillas.  The region is faced with political insecurities and therefore it is wise to be in touch with trustworthy tour operator who will give you an update on the region.

Africa Adventure Vacations is a local tour operator that you can trust and be in touch with to arrange for you a gorilla safari to Kahuzi Biega and have a chance to visit lowland gorillas. You can add on a visit to the Tshibati waterfalls and you also visit the Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

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