Weather And Climatic Conditions of Kibale National Park

The climate and weather conditions of Kibale forest national park are affected by different factors with the climate itself affecting it

Weather And Climatic Conditions of Kibale National Park

Weather and climatic conditions of Kibale Forest National Park: Kibale forest national park features varied climatic and weather conditions and this means that is very hard to determine or predict the weather conditions of the primate park. The fact that Kibale forest national park is inhabited by green tropical rain forests means that rains can be received any time of the year.

The climate and weather conditions of Kibale forest national park are affected by different factors with the climate itself affecting it. The park lies on coordinates 00’30”North and 30’24” East, southwestern park of Uganda which is not far away from the equator. This closeness of the park to the equator line presents a big factor that determines its weather and climatic conditions.

Visitors going to Kibale forest National Park will have to travel for about 330km from Kampala when you take the Fort portal route and over 8hour using Mbarara Kasese road. The park has records of over 1500 individual chimpanzees on the African continent who have found love in the tropical forest which spreads almost to the whole park covering over 766square kilometers.

The climate and weather conditions of Kibale forest National park in southwestern Uganda is also influenced by the altitude. Its location in the great east African rift valley definitely on the western side, still the park is highly elevated to about 1600m meters above sea level with its lowest point of elevation available at 1100meters above sea level which dwells within the floor of the western rift valley.

Sometimes of the day in Kibale forest national park, temperatures are always above27 °C. During the dry season but definitely at night it reduces or cools down to averagely 15°C. The Sothern part of the park that lies on the rift valley floor has got warm temperatures as compared to other parts of the park. Yes, it’s dry season but it is not a guarantee that you will not receive rain, Rain can happen of any type but we’re talking just about the chances. So the chances of rains in the dry season are minimal but don’t get surprised.

In Uganda here, late June and July till early August are the hottest months and the December to February the sun is also hot but not as in previous months. These months are best considered for safaris since all the parks in Uganda including Kibale Forest National Park can be easily passable and accessed during this period of the year. However, you need to be mindful that it can rain anytime still so you come when you’re prepared with rain gears just in case it rains you won’t be so much inconvenience.

In Kibale Forest National Park, chimpanzee trekking, guided nature walk safaris, cultural encounters can be best done during the dry season. This is regarded as the peak season of the year and the competition for chimpanzee trekking is so high and we recommend that you book your chimpanzee gorilla trekking permit early enough to have a place for tracking chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park.

On the other hand, the wet season shoots in March up to May and late August up to November. During this season of the year, Kibale forest National Park receives rainy fall and this necessitates any visitor to carry heavy clothes and everything that will keep you warm throughout this season. The wet season sometimes makes it difficult for travelers to do chimpanzee tracking and head to Bigodi wetland sanctuary for birding and guided nature walks.

The wet season becomes tense in Kibale forest National park in March and April when there heavy downpours. September and October also see some rains but not much and because of such weather conditions, you will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to aid you to pass through the impassable roads. This is also regarded as the low season in tours and travel in Uganda and this season cuts across all the national parks. During the wet season, you can entirely receive some discounts main on accommodation facilities in Kibale Forest National Park.

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