Wanale Hill

Wanale hill has waterfalls that are usually seen while at Mbale town. 

Wanale Ridge In Eastern Uganda Mbale District.

The Wanale ridge and hill in eastern Uganda Mbale district is blessed with escarpments, caves, deep valleys, rocks and waterfalls lined cliffs. The wanale ridge is known and talked about by most visitors because it is near mountain Elgon, and it gives a beautiful view of the waterfalls that fall down the cliff onto the valley.

Mbale is found in Eastern Uganda near the Kenya border. Mbale can be easily accessed by road. It will take you about 4hours and 45 minutes to reach Mbale town by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda, you go through Mukono town via Jinja town where you will see the river Nile, lake Victoria, the new suspended bridge and then you will approach Budaka district the next district before Mbale district. When you’re about to reach Mbale town,  you will be able to see the Wanale ridge almost 25k kilometers along the way from Mbale, you can also see Uganda clays Kamonkoli . Mbale town is among the beautiful towns where you can feel welcomed as you enter with nature at its best.

When you reach Mbale town, you can book your lodge and get some drinks and snacks because the hill is at sight, of which it takes 16kilometers or 40-30 minutes drive to reach the hill.

Hiking The Wanale Ridge

Hiking Wanale hill is easy and no special skills required but you have to be physically fit. It stands 6,864 ft above sea level, this hill is a challenge to most climbers however the same as the mountain Elgon and Rwenzori mountains. To reach up to the top of the hill, it takes about 1 hour.

Hiking to Wanale hill will take you through challenging nature hill, small water streams, forests, jumping over stones, and caves. You will also see various homesteads with banana plantations and coffee, community members will wave to you as they wish you a safe hike. You can also get a stopover around Khaukha cave which is found in the western parts of the ridge and be told about its background.

The hike to wanale hill requires a professional guide, who will brief you about the precautions of the hike as well as give you a few skills about how you will hike until you reach the top. Carry some water and energy drinks with you because the temperatures sometimes change depending on the higher you go to the unsung hill.

When you’re about to get closer to the top of the hill you will be able to see the Streams of water making waterfalls along the hike, you can see Mbale town and  Company telecommunication masts will be seen as you get to the top of the hill. While at the top, you can take photos that you will take at your home.                                  

Caves And The Waterfalls Tales

There are various caves around Wanale ridge but Khaukha cave is the most common to the people. Local members say that the Khaukha cave was the home of the early Bamasaba people who were staying there. However, there are other caves but Khaukha cave is famous to the native people due to its designed walls. Also, the cave has historic water streams known as “Mwausa” and it was named by elders some years back.

Wanale hill has waterfalls that are usually seen while at Mbale town.  Namatsyo waterfalls are the ones with deep tunnels through the rocky bottom and begin from the top of the ridge. The ridge gives a beautiful view of the waterfalls that fall down the cliff onto the valley. The water makes a thunderous sound as it falls onto rocks forming a mist environment.

After hiking Wanale ridges, you can go to mount Elgon the second largest mountain in Uganda after (Rwenzori), and enjoy the most challenging hiking experience. Mbale district is blessed with good coffee, The Bagisu also has many food dishes including Malewa the best dish among them, and it is made up of smoked fish others are Makila, Kumushelekhe, Bufukye, Shinoko, and Kamalwa.

Mbale town has many accommodation and safari lodges where you can stay to complete your safari which include; Mbale Resort Hotel, Sunrise Inn,   Hotel Restville, Mount Elgon Hotel, Kayegi Hotel. Wash & Wills Country Home, Hotel Eldima, Green Gardens Hotel, and many more.

After hiking Wanale hill ridge in Mbale Town. You can also plan to visit the western sides for gorilla trekking which is in Bwindi impenetrable national park. You will also go to Murchison falls national park and you will do a boat cruise at Nile River. You will also be able to see water wildlife animals such as crocodiles, hippos, and many more animals

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