Visit Ruboni Community In Rwenzori Mountains

You can take unique experience in fishing from the mountains streams

Visit Ruboni Community In Rwenzori Mountains

Visit Ruboni Community In Rwenzori Mountains- On your hiking safari on Rwenzori mountains, spare some time and visit the traditional homesteads of Bakonzo people and get to know the real life of the native Ugandan rural people who are known as the keepers of the Rwenzori  Mountains and they are also known as inhabitants for Centuries, Visiting Ruboni community is doesn’t require much time.  When you visit Ruboni community, the homestead of Bakonzo, you will get a big opportunity to experience their day-to-day lifestyle and cultural practices. Also on these cultural walks in the Ruboni community, you will see these people tending to their domestic animals and cultivating their crops.

On safari on Rwenzori mountains do not miss out to visit the Ruboni community, as it is among the best tourist attractions in the park. Also makes Uganda the best destination in the whole world for tours and safaris mostly for those who like to enjoy an entirely new cultural experience Mountains National Park.  During the experience of your cultural walk, you will see some wildlife like colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and many more, therefore this is a perfect place to visit.  Visit this place and enjoy the fresh air around, and take some drinks as you see the beautiful views of the community and many others. Ruboni Village is found on the foothill of the mountains of the moon.

Visiting Ruboni community in the Rwenzori Mountains, you get a chance to experience a typical Ugandan rural life, and explore more background about them when you meet the local old age who will tell you stories about the ancient traditions of the Bakonzo people, you can also visit the blacksmiths who curve metals and made knives, pangas among other.

Community walk with a local professional guide, you will enjoy their lifestyle as well as participating in their daily activities with them like how looking after their livestock and crops and you can also test on their meal prepared on an open fire, and also meet the traditional healer, local basket weavers, enjoy dance performance with energetic drumming by the local people. But to join this require prior reservations in adverse.

You can take unique experience in fishing from the mountains streams. Most tourists to the Rwenzori Mountains come for a hiking experience but later they find it fascinating Ruboni Village in the Foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains as the best place to spend a day with the keepers of the mountains. After visiting the Ruboni community, you can do other tourist activities within the park such as hiking the mountains, bird watching, nature walks, and others.

There are many accommodation facilities in and outside the park where you can spend your night to complete your trip while visiting the Ruboni community which includes the Ruboni community camp features beds with mosquito nets, a restaurant with both local and international dishes, Margherita hotel has a bar with stocked wines and beers and it is a nice place for relaxation, Equator snow lodge, Rwenzori homestay, and many more. All these safari lodges have favoring costs that tourists can afford with quality services, also give tourist unforgettable experience.

Uganda is blessed with many mountains where you may do hiking and these include Mount Sabinyo, Mount Elgon, Mount Mgahinga, and Mount Muhabura, after the climbing experience, you may visit game parks like Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Or visiting forest national parks such as Kibale Forest National Park which is known for Chimpanzee trekking tours, Bwindi Forest National Park for mountain gorilla safari, and golden monkey tracking in Mgahinga national park.

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