Uwinka Trail In Nyungwe Forest

Uwinka trail is long but somehow easy to hike.  

Uwinka Trail In Nyungwe Forest National Park.

Uwinka trail is among the most popular trails in Nyungwe forest national park. The trail is about 17.8 kilometers long which takes 8 hours to complete the hike and it is usually a one-way trek.  Hiking Uwinka trail can be set off from the nearest trailheads along the Huye-Rusizi road or from the Uwinka tourist’s reception center.  Most of the hiking trails in the Nyngwe forest start from the Irebero trailhead to Kamiranzovu marsh trailhead but this is a difficult route to hike according to the tourists.

Uwinka trail is long but somehow easy to hike.  The trail has some of the most attractive views of the Nyungwe forest, most of them overlooking Kamiranzovu marsh from a high vantage point, long stretches of beautiful trail, impressive trees, and waterfalls. Mangabeys, colobus monkey at some time can also be seen.

Uwinka trail is found in Nyungwe forest and gives a clear picture at a certain point of the trail as you are getting to the park Burundi. As you head to the junction with the Umogote trail and you will cross to the ridge and later you will turn left to the Imbaraga trail. Returning to the Uwinka trail when you are done with one-kilometer distance, you will meet a bench which is overlooking the rainforest and almost a smaller part of the road where the trail always begins.

Where you are still close on the trail, you will spot the bench overlooking the cyurugeyo ridge. The name came from the sheep which is said to have been grazed there once. Inka which comes from the name Uwinka means cattle where they used to find salt. .the trail will take you straight to Cyurugeyo and Uwinka Ridge. For you first time you will be on the other side of Kamiranzovu Mountain.

As you continue further, the forest is seen to be closed with limited views and you will start knowing that you are in the rainforest. The trail goes ahead to the sides of various minor ridges and sometimes you will pass through small prominences and you will remain in the forest. The Uwinka rainforest has got amazing massive trees that are leaning on the precariously steep mountainside. It is fascinating that they have got the root systems that support such tests of gravity.

As you continue going and not far from the last bench, you will find the dead Carapa grand flora on the right side and it looks like as it is chewed or clawed at the base. White black and Angolan black monkeys with the blue monkeys all use it for medicine. Research proves that the tree is made up of medicine. The research publishes the beauty of Nyungwe forests National Park in Rwanda and is such a prestigious forest for the great chimpanzee trekking experience.

Guests are always requested to explore other parks in Rwanda and they include the well-known Volcanoes National Park which is well known for mountain gorilla trekking, plus the Akagera National Park which is good for a wildlife experience that includes exploring the five big mammals.

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