Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Gorilla Permits

Uganda wildlife authority is the authoritative body in Uganda that is responsible for the issuing of the gorilla permits

Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) Gorilla Permits

When you see or hear of Uganda Wildlife authority (UWA) gorilla permits; one is referring to Uganda gorilla trekking permits to Bwindi gorilla permits or Mgahinga gorilla permits. Uganda wildlife authority or UWA is the government body that is responsible for the protection and management of all ten national parks in Uganda and the game reserve.

Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park located in southwestern Uganda’s are part of the ten national parks in Uganda and therefore they fall in Uganda wildlife authority jurisdictions and therefore Uganda Wildlife Authority gorilla trekking permits or Mgahinga or Bwindi gorilla parks are the same even as well as Uganda gorilla permits.

Reserving Uganda Wildlife Authority or UWA gorilla permits

Uganda wildlife authority is the authoritative body in Uganda that is responsible for the issuing of the gorilla permits for mall those interested in seeing gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Usually, a visitor will have to first make their minds of which national park they want to go to before they choose to reserve or book the gorilla trekking permit.

There are 2 gorilla trekking national parks in Uganda which include Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park. this means that you will either choose to visit Bwindi or Mgahinga and once you have selected which park to go to then you should at this moment know which year, date, months when you intent to visit either of the parks for gorilla trekking.

Once you know all the above, the next point is to contact the Africa Adventure Vacations and we shall check for the availability of the gorilla trekking permits on your proffered dates. We have access to the Uganda Wildlife Authority Online system and therefore once we have found the availability of permits on your day, then we shall let you reserve the permit on the system for 7 days as we invoice you to make payments. And UWA system will help you release the gorilla permits automatically and in these 7 days, you have to make sure that you make payment.

Time to book your Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla trekking permit.

Since gorilla trekking is the most selling safari activity in Uganda and the whole of Africa, gorilla trekking permits tend to sell out so fast and very quietly and it’s on this grounds that we advise our customer to book the Uganda wildlife authority gorilla permit in advance for at least 5 months before your scheduled dates of travel.

Booking your Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla trekking permit, you will be on the safe side that your gorilla trekking safari is safely booked. Uganda is one of the destinations in the world providing safari and affordable gorilla trekking safaris in the whole world.

Compared to Rwanda, the gorilla trekking permits of Rwanda are expensive and this makes Uganda be a cheaper destination hence making the gorilla trekking permits in Uganda so competitive a calling that you should make gorilla permit booking in advance. We can as well organize the gorilla tours on short notice and provide you with contact and the availability of gorilla trekking permits can be found.

How to Book the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) gorilla permits

You can only get a guarantee that you will see mountain gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga in Uganda only when you have booked and secured a gorilla trekking permit. You can book and secure the Uganda gorilla trekking permit immediately you make payment to the Uganda wildlife Authority provided you have shown interest that you want to trek gorilla in Uganda.

For us at Africa adventure vacations, what we can do is to help you and check the availability of the gorilla trekking permits and once we shave confirmed the availability, we shall send you an invoice for you to make payment. The payment can be done through bank transfers or credit card payments. Once the money has appeared on our bank accounts, we shall withdraw and go and pay UWA for your gorilla trekking permit and once we secure it from UWA, then we shall send you scanned copies of your permit as proof and for your record keeping.

Africa Adventure Vacation guarantee of Uganda Wildlife Authority Gorilla permit.

Our company grantees that once we have received your inquiry requesting for the gorilla trekking permit in either Bwindi and Mgahinga and you make payment, we will swiftly to Uganda Wildlife authority head offices and pay for your gorilla trekking permit, print and then send you a scanned copy of your gorilla permit.

Incas we fail to get the gorilla trekking permits available on your preferred date, then we will advise you to shift on your preferred dates and the requirement for us to book for you the gorilla trekking permit, you will need to book with us all the inclusive safari packages that include accommodation and transportation to Bwindi Implementable Forest National park from Entebbe and back including the airport transfers as well as the park entrance fees.

Requirements for Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) gorilla permits.

We shall book for you the gorilla trekking permit to Bwindi or Mgahinga gorilla national park from the Uganda wildlife authority on your behalf. What we shall receive from you will be the passport details showing your names, dates of birth as well as your age. All these are needed because for example pones country of residence affects his or her prince of a gorilla trekking permit for example if you’re a citizen of East Africa from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania you will revive discounted gorilla permits.

The date of birth is very crucial because there is a minimum gorilla trekking age in Uganda and this goes to 15 years and this means that only children that are below 15 years are not supposed to see gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park in Uganda. However, there are instances whereby children below 15 years are allowed to book

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