The Uganda safaris with Africa Adventure Vacations

The Uganda safaris with Africa Adventure Vacations: The thrill of driving through the dancing golden green savanna grass land in a luxurious 4×4, breath in the magical fresh air and a bite of the tropical sun along with stunning landscapes, sprinkled with a fresh breeze bursting out into your face on an African safari is unbeatable. Oh the liberty and peace it brings the feel and experience of a true African wilderness spirit as you explore the stunning natural treasure of the pearl of Africa. Welcome to Africa Uganda, beauty at is best. Close your eyes and that Africa that you imagined is before you at the opening of your eyes. It Africa condensed the best of Africa packed in one small landlocked country: Uganda.
The pearl of Africa is not a slogan without justification. Try a ride along the western route of Uganda on a Uganda safari and experience the stunning beauty of the rolling hills, lush green terraced hillsides as you wind through the roads. I bet you never guessed there was switzland blooming with so much beauty in Africa! now you got it! The large green banana plantations and the pride of Ankole: the long horned cattle are a sight to behold. Did I mention to you the splendid equator coupled with the friendly people that will often wave and beam with wide smiles at the sight of a tour car? Oh now i did relax it’s the pearl of Africa embrace the love and warmth of this tremendous beauty.
The verdant green landscape characterized by savannah, forest land, wetlands among others of Uganda’s wilderness bursts with dramatic and inspiring scenery. Quiet peaceful flowing rivers and streams, isolated impenetrable forests with towering sky scrapper trees that date back to the ice age, majestic yet daunting mountains that challenge some of even the world’s famous men not to mention the beaming wildlife and prolific birdlife that will certainly amaze you with over 1000 bird species some of which you will never get to see anywhere else in the world like the fox’s weaver along with other stunning sightings like the green breasted, Shelly’s crimson wing, the highly sought after shoebill and much more .
Inhale the fresh beauty of nature behold it, and experience its splendor in the blossoming green savanna grassland that scattered in six of Uganda’s national park and a number of adjacent reserves offering grazing grounds for the herbivores and hunting grounds for the carnivores. And deep in the thick green blanket covers of the tropical African forests lay a lot of treasures, the human like figure that swing cheerfully from one tree branch to another while other walk majestically through the thick undergrowth that carpet the forest floors, and the innumerable birds that sing and dance bring in light and add life to the dark forest covers. Encountering both the chimps and gorillas is encountering humankind’s true evolution and identity. With more than half of the world’s population of the mountain gorillas found in the antic gem of Bwindi and Mgahinga. Also in the widely spread forest covers you will find about 13 primates species, monkey species including the small endangered golden monkeys, the black and the docile play full white colobus monkey, the shy and least researched l’hoest’s monkey, grey cheeked mangebeys, mongoose, bush babies, vervet monkeys the list is endless.
Riding down the rugged park paths at the break of dawn can be extremely rewarding unleashing the works of Mother Nature. Predators returning from a late night hunt, mating antelopes, colorful bird displays and some early risers before they report to their hiding places. With an experienced guide the tracks of Kasenyi and Mweya peninsular offer almost guaranteed buffalo herds and elephants. While the open plains of the semi arid Kidepo valley are a good sight for the lions, big herds of buffaloes, hyena, Serval cats, leopards among other big games it is also the only park you will find a fine display of the ostriches in Uganda. Although most of the parks will provide virtually the same game sightings, each is unique in its own way. Murchison’s the largest and oldest has for long been known for the Roth’s child giraffe but they have of recent been introduced to lake mburo national park where you will not leave without spotting herds of zebras. The kawoya reserve and semliki reserve are also good tracks for an African game drive although they are less explored.
Many people, after a game drive, may assume that they have seen it all. But wait a minute there is the ultimate highlight of most trips of course except for a gorilla trip the boat cruise. The approximately two hours ride on a boat is a remarkable way to catch up with the wildlife you might have missed on the game drive without furtiveness and free from the confines of a vehicle. It can be done on the kazinga channel a twisting ribbon of water that connects Lakes Edward and George in the country’s southwest corner, Lake Mburo, and the Nile in Murchison the offers virtual frontal views Murchison falls. And for those who would appreciate shaking off a few calories a hike to the topis the ultimate experience. For those in proper shape, we can drive there. This is no comparison to anything you have seen in the zoos the swarming numbers of crocodiles, busking in the hot tropical sun on the shore with their vast jaws menacing agape. Large schools of hippos, buffalo herd’s elephants, antelopes, line the shores along with a prolific colorful display of birds with chance of sighting the world’s sought after shoebill in Murchison falls.
….and for those of you who have eyes to see the wild reveals its treasures and speaks volumes. Experience the wonders of creation in the pearl of Africa the well kept secrets of the destination wild Uganda.

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