Gorilla trekking for children below the age of 15

Always parents with their children who are below 15 years would like to go with them for gorilla trekking in Uganda’s parks of Bwindi and Mgahinga

Uganda Gorilla Trek For Children Below 15 Years

Uganda gorilla trek for children below 15 years – Yes, gorilla trekking for children below the age of 15 can be organized provided you contact Africa Adventure Vacations as your trusted tour operator for Rwanda and Uganda gorilla trekking safaris. We have been heavily intensified into research and study and we have found out that children who are below the 15 yeasts of age can go and see gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga National parks with their parents in Uganda.

Under which circumstances under which Children below 15 years are allowed to trek Uganda gorillas

We had incited is several articles that children who are under the age of 15 may be allowed to trek gorillas provided the children proves to be strong and physically fit. still, the parents will take the responsibility to write officially to UWA and inform them of the status of your children in terms of physical fitness and about his or her age as you attach the current or recent photos of your child on your letter to enable determine the age and his or her ability and once this is done and approved then you will make payment for your child’s gorilla trekking permits. But remember all these must be done early enough in advance to avoid any inconveniences. It will be the UWA authorities that will assess the strength and physical fitness of your child and once proved fit, then he or she will be allowed to trek gorillas alongside the parents.

You can prove the physical fitness and strength of your child for gorilla trekking by sending his or her photos to UWA for the assessment. Sometimes will be requested to prove that your children have ever done an activity that also required one to be having 15 as the minimum age. Additionally, you may be having a child who is 12, 13, and 14 and be allowed to trek gorillas but this comes with some conditions with one of them being that you must trek the gorillas with your child. Importantly, you will be required to assign a consent and liability agreement between Uganda Wildlife Authority and you such that in case something happens to your child, then the Uganda Wildlife Authority is not liable but it’s you who is liable.  At Africa Adventure Vacations we shall help you to pick the form from the Uganda Wildlife head office we can and then send them to you to sign and send them back to us and once you’re done and you have approved then now you will be requested to make the payment for the gorilla trekking permit which should be done in advance

Families / parents trekking with their minors or children below 15 years

Always parents with their children who are below 15 years would like to go with them for gorilla trekking in Uganda’s parks of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park. To fulfill this best option, you can write officially to the Uganda wildlife authority requesting to allow them to trek gorillas with their children and you have to use the service of Africa Adventure Vacations to contact and inform the Uganda Wildlife Authority on your behalf.   After this is done we shall avail you with the Uganda Government Waiver and Liability Agreement which you will sign after consent and then you resend it back to us as we forward it immediately to the Uganda Wildlife Authority for approval. The moment UWA approves this then we shall notify you and you get ready to start processing the payment of a gorilla permit for your child.

The moment this has been approved by UWA, then we shall send you an invoice requesting for you to make payment for your child’s gorilla trekking permit. The procedure of boing and reserving and securing your child’s gorilla trekking permit is the same as that of the gorilla permit for the old people and the price for the gorilla trekking permit is also the same at $700 and Africa Adventure vacations will assist you in booking, reserving and securing the gorilla trekking permit for you and your child.

What activities can children below the age of 15 years do engage in?

When you come with your children below 15 years and he or she cannot be allowed to track the gorillas within the park, don’t worry some activities have been introduced specifically for children who cannot trek gorillas and these include scout adventure activities, short nature walk safaris and painting and artworks. So as you enjoy the gorilla trekking, children will be there enjoying the above activities safely in Uganda Wildlife Authority staff hands.

Also, the lodges that we book for your stay we’re in close association and in case you have kids below 15 years, we make sure that the children get busy at the lodge by taking short bicycling, simple birding safaris, and very many activities that are attractive to children. Other than gorilla trekking safaris, the rest of the safaris such as boat cruise safaris, game drive safaris, bird watching safaris, community experience safaris, and others, those you can do with your children even if they are below 15 years. These activities can take place in parks such as Queen Elizabeth National park, Murchison falls National Park, Lake Mburo National Park among others. Contact Africa Adventure Vacations for more information about your gorilla trekking safaris in Africa and how best you can move with your children who are below 15 years of age. You will need to contact Africa adventure Vacations for the best gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation Safaris in Uganda gorilla parks.

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