Trekking Trails In Buhoma

Trekking in Bwindi

Trekking Trails In Buhoma Sector Bwindi

Buhoma sector in Bwindi has a number of trekking trails ranging from Munyaga river trail, Rushura hill trail, Waterfall trail, River Ivy trail and Muzabajiro loop trail.

Munyaga river trail

Munyaga river trail is the simplest trail to use in the park. The trail takes you via the valley lengthways bizenga creek linking Munyaga River.  When on the hike at Munyaga River, you will be able to sight as many primates and birds as possible.

Rushura hill trail

Rushura hill trail is an amazing trail which starts from Buhoma park office taking you to Rushura hill which is considered to be the highest point in the park. As you are hiking on this very trail, you will encounter forests and terraced fields and as you get on the top of the park, you will have a wonderful view of the Virunga Mountains and western rift valley. The trail is calculated for only 3-4 hours to be completed.

Waterfall trail

The waterfall trail is said to be more popular in the whole Bwindi Park because it leads you to the scenic waterfall in the park. When hiking on this trail, you will meet a lot of bird species, vegetation species and butterflies. The trail is calculated for only 3 hours to be completed.

River Ivy trail

River Ivy trail is just 14km and at same time is taken to be one of the longest trekking trails in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Park. The trail goes through the southern parts of Bwindi leading you to Mukempunu a well-known place for large wild pigs. Hiking on this trail takes you 8hours and you will have a chance to spot bird species, beautiful butterflies and primates like white and black colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, duikers and many more.

Muzabajiro loop trail      

Muzabajiro loop trail is just 6km and it takes you straight through the hills of Buhoma. When hiking on it, you will spot primates like golden monkeys and also you will encounter fresh vegetation and also see Virunga volcanoes.

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