Mountain Gorilla Trekking In Dry Season

Visitors interested in booking Mountain gorilla safari tours especially with Africa Adventure Vacations must do it in advance.

Trekking Mountain Gorillas In Dry Season

Trekking mountain gorillas in dry season- Tracking mountain gorillas habituated in Bwindi Uganda, Congo or Rwanda is one of the amazing activities in the whole world because it is only in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo where these mountain gorillas are only found in the whole world. There two seasons that influence the gorilla trekking experience and that is the dry and wet seasons.  For today’s article, I will dwell on gorilla trekking in the dry season or call it sunshine gorilla trekking. The original dry months in Uganda or Rwanda are February, June, July, early September and then December, however sometimes there could be some rainy conditions unexpectedly due to changes in climatic conditions as the result of global warming. You need to remember that gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda takes place throughout the year and here now I’m focusing on trekking gorillas in the dry season.

Why go for trekking Mountain Gorillas in the Dry season

Among the reasons for trekking the mountain gorillas in the dry season in the parks of Mgahinga, Bwindi, and Volcanoes is that during this time there is less rainfall. Usually, in most cases, rains disrupt gorilla trekking activities because the downpour may cause the tracks or trail to become slippery and filled with mud which makes it hard for hikers or gorilla trekkers to successfully find or trek the gorillas. Of course, I can’t give you the guarantee that there will be no rainfall during the dry season and I said earlier, the season varies because of the effects brought about by global warming which has much affected the clime in both Uganda and Rwanda. And thus you must be prepared anytime. In the case of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, rains come any day or anytime because of the tropical rain forests that have influenced the weather and the climatic conditions of the park as well as that of the surrounding villages, however, it is dry season but you might expect some form of rains and thus you need to come while prepared for that.

It is prudent that for you feel the real experience of gorilla trekking in Uganda whether, in the dry or wet season, you need to make sure that that to prepare well especially when it comes to the dressing code and get to know of the essentials that you should come with during gorilla case you would like to know the essentials for gorilla trekking as well as the best time to do gorilla trekking and the costs of the gorilla trekking permit including the discounts that are available during the gorilla trekking, you will need to contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations. The activity of gorilla trekking takes place throughout the year and please there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t book the gorilla trekking experience since all the seasons provide a wonderful gorilla Adventure.

When should I book Bwindi mountain gorilla tours?

All the visitors interested in booking Mountain gorilla safari tours especially with Africa Adventure Vacations must do it in advance. It is important to book the gorilla trekking permit in advance about 4 to five months before the actual date of your travel to the wild to see the gorillas and this is done the gorilla permits for Bwindi sell out very quickly because of high demand especially during the peak season which happens in June, July, August, and September then December, January. Therefore here at Africa Adventure vacations, we recommend that you book your gorilla experience to volcanoes National Park in advance and once you have secured your gorilla trekking permit, then you can go ahead start arranging for your accommodation and transportation since they are also essential components of the safari to see mountain gorillas Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Why should I book Bwindi mountain gorilla safaris?

Mountain gorilla safari trips are so exciting and fantastic calling for anyone outside there in the world to come and interact with Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. One of the reasons why Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is outstanding is that it is the park with the highest number of gorillas in the whole world and therefore the chances of seeing gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park are high. Still, the park has got the highest number of habituated gorilla families that are available for trekking. These habituated gorillas families are spread across the four sections of the park known as Buhoma, Nkuringo, Rushaga, and Ruhija and therefore it is upon you the traveler to decide which gorilla trekking sector you want to stay at. Among all the national park in the world with gorillas, it is only bin Bwindi National park where you can go and engage in gorilla habituation experience and here you will spend 4 hours with mountain gorillas still under habituation. . the park is independently in Uganda and is not shared by any of the countries that may any insecurity in the nearby countries would make you miss the gorilla trekking experience.

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