Tourism Activities In Volcanoes National Park

The park is known for different attractions such as gorillas, Virunga Mountains, birds, mammals which can be seen inside the park. 

Tourism Activities In Volcanoes National Park.

What tourism activities can be done in volcanoes national park Rwanda? This is the oldest national park in East Africa and Rwanda gazatted in 1925, it is situated in the north west in Rwanda and is famously known for being a home to endangered mountain gorillas. The park is also a habitant of other primates such as golden monkeys, over 700 bird species, 218 mammal as well as tree species in the park. Activities in volcanoes national park are different things which travelers can engage in while on their safari in Rwanda. The park is known for different attractions such as gorillas, Virunga Mountains, birds, mammals which can be seen inside the park.

What to do in volcanoes national park.

Gorilla trekking

This is the most done activity in the volcanoes national park. When you visit volcanoes national park you will participate in gorilla trekking where you will get to see different gorilla families such as Susa family, Sabyinyo family, Amahoro family, Karisimbi family among others located on different mountains of Virunga. These gorillas can be visited anytime of the year because of the good weather condition in volcanoes national park.

During mountain gorilla trekking you are required a gorilla trekking permit which costs USD1500. You are briefed here before taking different routes to trek gorillas of any family of your choice, when you get to find gorillas you are given an hour to stay with them, learn their habits and behaviors, see them breast feed, play and go hunt for food. You are allowed to take photos and record moments with these gorillas. As you trek down gorillas you will get to see different bird species, golden monkeys, and some mammals among others.

Golden monkey trekking

Golden monkey involves hiking different Virunga Mountains just like gorilla trekking. When you find the golden monkeys it’s an exciting experience as you get to spend time with them, see them hunt food, play. This is an easy activity because they are not like gorillas who shift every day making new nests so these monkeys are easily found. During golden monkey trekking you see a different number of bird species, mammals such as lions, elephants, the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Burera as well as Lake Kivu.

Volcano Mountain hiking

The Virunga Mountains are 8 but 5 of them are found with in volcanoes national park and these include Mountain Sabyinyo, Mountain Gahinga, Mountain Muhabura, Mountain Karisimbi and Mountain Bisoke. Virunga Mountains has other 3 mountains found outside the park and these include Mountain Mikeno, Mountain, Nyiragongo, Mountain Nyamuragira found in Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. Hiking any of Virunga Mountains will expose you to attractions such as birds, mammals, endangered mountain gorillas, twin lakes of Burera and Ruhindo, golden monkeys among others.

Twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo

These twin lakes can be accessed after hiking Mountain Muhabura which shares with Mgahinga National Park of Uganda. This will lead you to twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo where you can carry out activities like boat cruise see animals such as hippos and crocodiles, birding, spot fishing and you will have perfect views of photography at the lakes among others.

Birding in Volcanoes

Birding is one of the most exciting tourism activities in volcanoes national park. During birding in this park you will get to see a number of different bird species because the park is a habitant of over 700 bird species found with in the park. birds to be seen include handsome francolin, Ruwenzori turaco, red faced woodland warbler, sunbird, collared apalis, archers ground robin, Ruwenzori batis, Ruwenzori apalis, Ruwenzori nightjar, brown necked parrot, dusky turtle dove among others.

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