Things To Pack For A Safari To Virunga National Park

Those travelers who would love to visit Virunga National Park and participate in the various activities, we give you the list of the necessary things to pack

Things To Pack For A Safari To Virunga National Park

Things To Pack For A Safari To Virunga are those equipment’s or requirements that travelers are supposed to have if they to travel to Virunga National Park in DR Congo. Virunga National Park is famous for hosting primates and being the best primate safari destination. Tourists always participate in gorilla trekking and also visiting Senkwenkwe gorilla orphanage. You will have an opportunity to take care of orphaned gorillas by cleaning their nest, feeding them and many more other activities as you are visiting the park in Congo.

You further participate in Virunga Mountain hiking while still in the park. You will hike active volcanoes of Mount Nyiragongo and Mountain Mikeno. Mount Nyiragongo has the largest lava lake in the world and can be spotted when you hike at the mountain. You can also spot active volcano, mount Nyamuragira. You can also participate in Chimpanzee habituation and chimpanzee trekking while you are still at the park.

The park is also famous for birding and you will spot various birds if you are a keen birder and you will have an amazing experience while you are in the park. You will spot over 400 bird species such as Amur falcon, booted eagle, shoe bill stork,  red-faced barbet, sooty falcon, Cabanis; bunting, grasshopper buzzard,  crested barbet, slate-colored boubou, Sousa’s shrike, Eleonora’s falcon,  striped pipit Denham’s bustard, tabora cisticola, brown crested lapwing, western reef heron, yellow-bellied eremomela blue shouldered robin-chat, northern brown-throated weaver, papyrus gonolek, dimorphic given.

Those travelers who would love to visit Virunga National Park and participate in the various activities, we give you the list of the necessary things to pack for a safari to Virunga so as it becomes successful and amazing. The following are the necessary essentials that you require to come with while going to participate in the parks activities and to have amazing time in the park.

Things To Pack For A Safari To Virunga

Heavy clothes are required because the park is always cold in the night due to the number of water bodies plus the vegetation covers like the forests, thickets, short shrubs, and among others that are surrounding the park.

Light clothes are needed for the purposes of the day since the day become hot sometime especially in dry season.

Insect repellents are also required because the park hosts a lot of insects which may lead to the spread of diseases through insect bites. Some of these insects include mosquitoes, tsetse flies and many more.

Hiking shoes are also essential to help you move in the park freely and swiftly due to the parks drainage features like lakes and rivers.

Garden gloves are also needed so as to protect you from being prickled by nettles which are found anywhere in the park.

Raincoat will help you in case of unexpected rainfall in the park because the parks weather changes all the time and it may rain unexpectedly.

Daily requirements like sanitary towels, perfumes, deodorants are optional and are good if they make your tour comfortable.

Sunscreen are required to protect you from scorching sunshine of the day that might cause you irritation.

Safari jacket and safari hat for purposes of blocking direct sunshine hitting you during the day.  Come with binoculars if you are interested in birding activity.

Proper documentation.

For any traveler to access DR Congo, you are required to have proper documents so as to participate in the various activities found in the park. The following documents are essential and are required if you are to access Virunga National Park.

A valid visa is required if you are a tourist and you want to access the park. The Visa should be valid for 6 months and it should have 3 blank pages at least to cater for other different stamps.

Yellow fever card is also among the requirements needed.

Document equivalent to passport can also be used to access the park. Note that a Visa exemption is for tourists who have diplomatic passports or service passports.

Tourists who are from South and East Africa are allowed to access the park without Visa. Those with dual citizenship which includes DR Congo can also access the park without a Visa.

Other things to pack for a successful Virunga safari is a translation book which helps you to have authentic conversation with the local people found in the park.

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