Things To Do At Mweya Peninsula In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visitors staying at Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park will engage in the following activities

Things To Do At Mweya Peninsula In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Things to do at Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Would you like to visit Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national? This is the best place where you have more than 50% of the wonderful safari activities in the park. Here we shall avail you of activities and attractions that you can engage in and see while visiting this only peninsular located in western Uganda.

Located on the northeastern side on the shores of the Kazinga channel and Lake Edward while overlooking the spectacular view of the far Katwe Kabatoro town council, Mweya peninsula offers a wider-angle of wildlife in form of animals, plants, and bird species. Visitors staying at Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National park will have to share the compound with warthogs, elephants, hippos at night, mongoose, and sounds of lions roaring among others.

Mweya peninsula is fantastic and visitors will enjoy the magnificent views of the best sceneries with Queen Elizabeth National Park which includes the Kazinga channel, the views of lake Edward, Ruwenzori mountain ranges, Lake Katwe, vast open savannah grassland among different species of interest.

Visitors staying at Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park will engage in the following activities that give maximum satisfaction and experience to the nature lovers and adventurers. The activities include;

Mweya peninsula Wildlife viewing tours:

Visitors staying at Mweya will enjoy the best game drives ever in queen Elizabeth National Park. Although, the peninsula is characterized by thorny bushes and thicket vegetation a mere game drive in the different well-designated track will expose to a variety of animal species. At Mweya peninsular, a large herd of elephants, buffaloes, a school of hippos, warthogs, waterbucks, mongoose, and antelopes can be easily seen even in the lodge compounds and at the Mweya airstrip. Mweya also is one of the spots in Queen Elizabeth national park where visitors can spot leopards and lions during morning and evening game drives. Come to the peninsular and enjoy this magnificent activity.

Bird watching safaris at Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Bird watching is also one of the activities that visitors can participate in while in Queen Elizabeth national park. Because of the thicket vegetation and open savannah some of the bird species can be spotted in this vegetation bounding Mweya and at the shores of the Kazinga channel. This can be done through a game drive or guided nature walks around the peninsular where you will be able to see a lot of bird species including black-headed gonolek, malachite kingfisher, Hadada ibis, slender-billed weaver, bee-eater, swamp flycatcher among others. A guide is picked within the peninsular at Mweya visitor information center where you can also go and learn more information about Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Mweya peninsula boat cruise:

Very many visitors to Queen Elizabeth national park have rushed to Mweya peninsula to enjoy the life-giving experience boat cruise safaris that are conducted at the mighty Kazinga channel in Mweya peninsula Queen Elizabeth National park. On your boat cruise, believe me, you will be able to spot a lot of animals and birds. This is a haven of bird species, and hippos. Kazinga channel has the largest concentration of hippos in the whole world. See elephants, buffaloes on the shores resting or drinking water, elephants can as well be seen mating in water in the Kazinga channel. Nile crocodiles are spotted in plenty basking on the sun. The boat cruise at Kazinga is done on two shifts the one at 10 am and the morning and the afternoon boat at 2 Pm. enjoy the cool breeze of the water with the knowledge of a well-experienced guide on the boat.

Mweya peninsula game drives safaris:

Both day, evening, and night game drives are conducted at Mweya peninsular to enable visitors to see a wide range of animals that include elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, mongoose, bushbucks, hippos, and various bird species. The leopard’s loop and queen’s mile track are followed during game drives at Mweya peninsular. Night game drives are conducted to enable you to see nocturnal animals especially leopards, Genal, Hyenas, Civet cats among others. You will be requested to go with an armed ranger guide especially when going for night drives at Mweya peninsula. In Queen Elizabeth national park others such as Ishasha, Kasenyi Plans are also conducive for game drive safaris.

Mongoose tracking safaris experience:

It is one of the activities that is done at Mweya peninsula that offer a unique experience to travelers or visitors. The mongoose tracing experience in Mweya necessitates visitors to be accompanied by researchers. Mweya peninsula has got over 400 mongooses living in about twelve groups. Mongoose is social animals living together in groups. They are small, with a long tail and big head, each group of mongoose sleeps together in a good dugout den underground at night. At the moment a group of four visitors is allowed to go with researchers to track mongoose. You can know better the pattern of mongoose, their feeding habits among others. Tracking mongoose is a bit done in the morning and you will spend about 3 hours on this experience. While tracking the mongoose, you can as well view other animals such as antelopes, buffaloes, elephants among others.

Mweya peninsula is one of the best sectors of queen Elizabeth national park providing the best and excellent views to the visitors due to the presence of attractions and activities that they can engage in. Book with us at Africa adventure vacations for the bests safari trips to Queen Elizabeth National park.

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