The Climate Of Rwenzori Mountains

The best months to trek the Rwenzori Mountains is during the dry season

The Climate Of Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

The climate of Rwenzori mountains national park- Rwenzori mountain one of the most attractive natural environments in Africa. It is also known as the unique mountain which has got alpine climates however it is found in an equatorial location. Which makes it to be among the areas in Africa that receive higher levels of rainfall. The heavy rainfall as great exposure to the sun has created the most basic landscape covered with the huge tree heathers, the groundsel, the lobelias, the colorful lichen, and the deep moss.  Also has beautiful vegetation which made the Rwenzori Mountains be known as the home of Africa’s botanical big game.

The Rwenzori Mountains are also home to the few remaining tropical glaciers in the world on Mount Speke, baker, and Stanley. This is only found after climbing to the top of the mountains of the moon to its snowcapped peaks that rain forest below that its detachment below from equatorial Africa will become so apparent. However, the glaciers are quickly retreating and have reduced from a total area of about 2.5 square miles to the less square mile many years back and this has made it easy to climb the Rwenzori Mountains.  The equator has a band of air rising near it and leads to heavy rains and this is known as the intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ).

You can also call it the doldrums. In June, this goes up to the northward that gives the Himalaya and India its monsoon season. While in December it goes to the southern hemisphere and this creates heavy rains in northern Australia. In addition to this during the fall, and the spring the areas with heavy rainfall go over the equators. Therefore, as  Rwenzori mountains are located in equatorial so visiting fall and spring is not good between  January -February, so the dry and Monsoon are always there in June and July. This also the best time to visit the fall and spring.


The temperatures at an altitude of 3,000-4,000 meters are around 10-15 degrees Celsius during the day while at night it is around 2-6 Celsius. During the day the temperature at the camp is around 4-5 than that one from +1-+2 Celsius with temperatures dropping to minus 5- + 3 Celsius at night.  During the day on the highest peak, it can drop to minus 2 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it may reach + 8-10 degrees Celsius. It is also much windy on the peaks that makes a chill factor in bad weather.

When to visit Rwenzori Mountain national park.

The best months to trek the Rwenzori Mountains is during the dry season, and this is from June-August and December-February because in this season all trekking routes to and within the park are passable and which makes the hiking experience excellent than in the wet season. But you have to note that, even in dry months, it may rain. Since African weather is unpredictable even during rainy seasons you can experience light rainfall hence it is good to first know the best season to travel so that to avoid the bad conditions during your hiking safari on Rwenzori mountains.

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