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Dos and Don’ts Of Gorilla Trekking in Africa

If you are planning to do gorilla trekking, I am sure you have a lot of questions about the dos and don’ts thinking about going to meet these mammals that are almost extinct, you will feel that these are some of the protected animals in Africa. Definitely there are lots of dos and don’ts, most …


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Tourism is moderately new in Uganda and settlement go is more constrained than some other African goals, with a large number of the cabins being situated close to National Parks to offer nearness and simple entry to natural life. A significant number of the camps and hotels bear the cost of mind blowing sees over Uganda’s cloud woods …


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The thrill of driving through the dancing golden green savanna grassland in a luxurious 4×4, breath in the magical fresh air and a bit of the tropical sun along with stunning landscapes, sprinkled with a fresh breeze bursting out into your face on an African safari are unbeatable. Ohhh the liberty and peace it brings …


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Africa Wild Life Viewing Tips

A safari to Africa or particularly Uganda could have been your bucket list since you were little and time is about now that you have things in place to go on this adventure. Some of the people in your friends and relatives could have just returned home you’re the safari that you dream of and …


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Why Safari In Rwanda

With a variety of natural wonders in Rwanda, it ’s almost impossible not to enjoy an adventurous and exhilarating vacation you’ve always desired. Rwanda was known as ‘land of thousand hills’ is a beautiful country; characterized by fascinating Savannah, beautiful hills and deep valleys, abundant wildlife, and natural aesthetics. The capital, Kigali is picturesque with a …


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What to expect on a Uganda Rwanda safari

Uganda: Very exciting, very adventurous and always interesting. You can get around by driving (Steppes always use 4×4 vehicles) or you can take internal flights for convenience. Either way, there is something new to see at every turn. Roads vary enormously from good tarred roads (around cities) to rough dirt tracks in and around national …


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Gorillas HABITUATION Experience

A lifetime dream for many, this is a unique opportunity to spend quality time observing Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat before their group is opened to tourism. This activity only operates in the Rushaga region of Bwindi and is in operation for a limited time only. Although the habituation process has been on-going for …


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Gorilla Tracking Tips

Thinking Of Going Gorilla Tracking? Here is what you need to know. When is the best time to go for Gorilla Tracking? Uganda and Rwanda are near the equator, so the climate does not change a huge amount. The short lighter rains are from October to November, whilst the rainy season tends to be from …


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Gorilla tracking in Africa

Gorilla trekking is a memorable experience, providing a close encounter with these giants of the forests, in their natural habitat. Trekking can take place either in Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo or Republic of Congo. Permits are heavily restricted, so booking early is vital. You need not feel that you are exploiting these animals …


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Gorilla families in Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is the best option for those yearning for a more comprehensive wildlife experience. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the best place you can see gorillas in Uganda. This is an old rainforest so the trekking can be a little tougher than in Rwanda. The fact that Uganda has a diversity of …


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