Sport Fishing Below Murchison falls In Uganda.

Nile perch are used to leave below the falls waiting for the dead animals

Sport Fishing On River Nile Below Murchison falls In Uganda.

Are you interested in sport fishing on river Nile below Murchison falls in Uganda? Most Anglers on the Nile River in Murchison falls national park always needs to know where exactly this activity takes place on River. The fact is fishing in Murchison falls is carried out below the falls because areas to the top of falls have a strong current which is dangerous to operate boats so that is why most of the fishing on the Nile is taking place below the falls than up.

Nile perch are used to leave below the falls waiting for the dead animals and also usually the dead plant’s matter floats below the falls which attract all fish to wait for these dead maters. And the water temperatures below the falls make it a favorite breeding spot for the largest water fish species that is Nile peach.

Sport fishing hot spots on river Nile below the Murchison falls

It is very difficult for tourists who go fishing on their own to know where exactly the fishing spots on the Nile River are but the local guides and professional fishing guides are available to accompany you to the best fishing spots are, so on your safari make sure that you hire a well-trained fishing guide. Here are some of the fishing spots areas on the Nile River in Murchison falls national park as below.

Dead tree pool

Dead tree pool is found in the Northern parts on the banks of the Nile before reaching Gangadeen pool, you can do fishing in this pool because it is active throughout the year. It is excellent for both balloon fishing, float and Lure fishing, this place also best for catching Nile perch.

Devils cauldron pool

This place is somewhere difficult to fish because of its entrances and branches although small perch can be caught and some catfish like vundu catfish.

Gangadeen pool

This pool is right across baker’s rock and it is near uhuru falls which require only one Angler. The place is best for picking up small perch and you can also get a chance to catch big perch with the help of a professional fishing guide. 

Uhuru falls park off

The pool is best for catfish and Nile perch by using dead bait and meat which attracts the catfish, do not waste your time looking for live bait.

Baker’s rock pools

The name Baker’s rock pools after a tourist are known as Sir Samuel Baker, The rock is located on two pools of which one facing downstream and this best for float or balloon fishing and the second pool facing the falls which are perfect for lure fishing

Opposite tourist top of the falls hiking spot

This pool is still in the record of 113 kgs caught by Kevin and it is a quiet place so if you get a run you may have a reason to get excited, the pool is usually producing big Nile perch.

Best Time To Go Sport Fishing On River Nile Below Murchison falls In Uganda.

The best time for fishing safaris in Uganda is from June-August and December-February when the water levels are low and this makes fishing excellent while during the rainy season fishing is usually difficult since the river floods and cut off some fishing sport parts. These months are March-May and September if possible you can avoid them but you can catch fish.

Where to stay during sport fishing on River Nile in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is endowed with a number of lodges ranging from Budget, Mid range to luxury facilities. Such lodges include; Pakuba safari lodge, Murchison river lodge, Baker’s lodge, Chobe safari lodge, Paara safari lodge, Sambiya river lodge, Twiga safari lodge, Kabalega wilderness camp, Nile safari resort among others

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