Mount Elgon National Park

Mountain Elgon is among the oldest physical features in Uganda

Size Of Mount Elgon National Park.

Size of mount Elgon national park- The park covers an area of 494 square miles which is 1,279 km and it is divided into two parts that is one in Uganda and another part in Kenya. The Uganda part was measured and it was found that it covers 430 square miles which are 1,110 square kilometers whereas Kenya was found with 65square kilometers which are 169 square kilometers. In 1992 is when the Ugandan part was established, the Kenya part was gazette in 1968. Mount Elgon in Uganda is the second-highest after Rwenzori Mountains and it is the 4th peak in East Africa, the 8th highest mountain in the entire parts of Africa, and it was once the highest peak in Africa. A hike to mountain Elgon national park from Uganda is the best exciting experience that one can never forget in East Africa and boasts a milder climate, also stands at a lower elevation with a less price than climbs from Kenya. Mountain Elgon has 5 major peaks and Wagagai is the largest, it is found in parts of Uganda.

Mountain Elgon is among the oldest physical features in Uganda, it has first erupted around 24 million years ago. Mountain Elgon was once the highest mountain in Africa beyond Kilimanjaro’s current 5,895m. As it is among the oldest volcanic mountain, this has led to reducing its height to 4,321m and made it to be the 4th peak in East Africa and the 8th highest peak on the continent of Africa.

Mountain Elgon National Park is surrounded by four tribes that are the Sabiny, Sabaot, Ndorobo, and Bagisu. The Bagisu are also called Bamasaba, and they see Mount Elgon as a picture of their founding father Masaba.

Mount Elgon national park has a large volcanic base with 4,000km2.  Mountain Elgon National Park is found in Uganda on the border of Kenya and it is the oldest volcanic mountain in East Africa. The park has 80 km in diameter and covering more than 3,000m above the surrounding plains.  Also has higher altitudes which providing a refuge for fauna and flora.

Mountain Elgon national park is hosts over 300bird species, including the unique Lammergeyer, Small antelopes, forest monkeys, elephants, and buffaloes that are staying on the mountainside. Mountain Elgon is protected by the national park in Uganda and Kenya, this make it a conservation area and it was declared a Biosphere Reserve& UNESCO Man

Mountain Elgon national park has many accommodation and safari lodges within the park where you can stay to complete your safari which includes; Mount Elgon guest house, Pian-Upe, Suam Guesthouse, Wilderness Camp and guest house or other accommodation facilities outside the park are Sasa River Camp, Sipi River Lodge, and Masha hotel. These accommodation companies have favoring costs that tourists can afford with quality services. They also give tourists unforgettable memories.

After hiking mountain Elgon, you can also visit Bwindi impenetrable national park for a gorilla trekking and get an opportunity to explore more about these primates or visit Murchison falls national park and take a boat cruise on river Nile where you will see a lot of water wildlife animals like hippos, crocodiles and many more or you may also participate in the game drive and view wildlife animals such as buffaloes, giraffes, Uganda kob, and countless bird species.

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