Size of Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

Lake Mburo is made up of 2 gate entrances that lead a visitor to the park headquarters and this was a result of the size of the park.

Size of Lake Mburo National Park

Size of Lake Mburo national park: The park was measured and it was found that it covers an area of 100 square miles which is 260 km and it came to conclusion the lake Mburo is the smallest national Park in Uganda because of its size measurements. On the size issue, the park has got various tent facilities and campgrounds for visitors and an amazing staff is found at Lake Mburo national Park.

The attitude of Lake Mburo ranges from 1220m to 1828m above sea level and 370km squared at the glance. Lake Mburo is covered by beautiful landscapes and wetlands. 20% of the park is covered by the habitats within the park. Lake Mburo’s surface is underlined by the great ancient metamorphic Precambrian rocks that date back 500 million years ago and they mark a strong foundation for the park to be broken. The foundation is made up of strong rocks.

The size of Lake Mburo is covered by nature of wildlife and many features because the region was gazette specifically for wildlife preservation and many wild animals are found here. Burchell’s zebra make the park unique and different from other national parks in Uganda.

Beautiful lakes surround Lake Mburo national Park. The park has got 14 lakes within and 5 are located at the borders of the park. Lake Mburo is the largest Lake among the other lakes that are found in the park. The park has got high creeks which are 50km high and there are also canals that connect the 14 great lakes in the park thus forming a wonderful water system network.

Lake Mburo is made up of 2 gate entrances that lead a visitor to the park headquarters and this was a result of the size of the park. Due to the fact that the park is small in size but it handles a lot of activities, one entrance could not handle the pressure and thus the formation of the second gate. Nshara and Sanga gates are the entrances that are nearer from Kampala. Sanga is 12 Km while Nshara is 48km from Kampala.

Lake Mburo’s small size has led to the fragmentation of the park in eastern and western parts so as to compensate the land available. Savannah is made up of forested gorges, rocky ridges and patches of papyrus swamps that are found as part and partial of the park. Riparian woodlands and narrow bands of lush are spotted lining besides the lake shores. 20% takes place in the Eastern areas of the park and creeks, long lakes and riparian shrubs are seen lining to the open water of the park. Gorgeous and mighty landscapes are seen covering the park and rolling hills improving the sight scenery alongside the golden savannah. Ancient rocks make the scientific geology of the area unique from the other national parks and they are influenced by 5 lakes that are found within the main lake Mburo Lake and are found in Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National park has a variety of accommodation or lodging companies within the park which came up because of the high demand of accommodation due to the large numbers of visitors coming to the park. Some of the accommodation companies include Arcadia cottages, Rwakobo rock lodge, mihingo safari lodge, Lake mburo luxury tented camp and Rwonyo rest camp .These accommodation companies have favoring costs which visitors can afford and they are of high quality services. Accommodation facilities that give a visitor unforgettable memories have made the park more successful and famous in Uganda and outside Uganda.

Lake Mburo has a variety of animals which are seen on the grounds and they are such unique animals. You will have to spot wildlife animals like impalas, elands, zebras and many more. There are also aquatic animals which are spotted surrounding the amazing blue lakes. Size of something can never decide on what it is inside and that is why no matter the small size of Lake Mburo, it has great features and creature within. Therefore make it a must to be at Lake Mburo National Park.

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