Sipi Trail On Mount Elgon National Park.

Using the Sipi trail to hike Wagagai peak from Kapkwai still gives you options.

Sipi Trail On Mount Elgon National Park.

Hiking Wagagai peak from Sipi trail is the longest trail you will ever hike on mount Elgon national park. It takes you 5-6 days to hike up mountain and up to a 56kilometers round trip.  Using the Sipi trail to hike Wagagai peak from Kapkwai still gives you options. Choosing the right option for yourself will help you in increasing your chances of summiting and also make your trip more enjoyable adventure.

Day 1: From Kapkwai to Tutum Cave

The Sipi trail begins at an elevation of 2667m at the Kapkwai Forest Exploration Centre and it takes only 13kilometers from Sipi town. The 11km walk from Kapkwai to Tutum cave, which takes 3-4 hours. The hike will take through a dense forest with species of Podocarpus and remnants of Anigeria and mixed montane forest.  In your way, you will see the beautiful Kajeri waterfalls, Chebonet Falls, Kapkwai cave, Wiri ridge viewpoint, monkeys, Baboons, waterbucks, fruit bats, Kajeri valley, bushbucks, duikers, and a lot of bird species. After, you will take dinner and overnight at Tutum cave.

Day 2: From Tutum to Kajeri camp.

The hike covers 17Kilometers which takes about 5 hours and it is 3383 Meters above sea level. The Tutum cave is near Uganda and Kenya. You will walk via a diverse bamboo forest zone. You will have dinner and stay overnight at Kajeri cave.

Day 3: From Kajeri cave to Mude Cave Camp.

The walk is about 21kilometers which takes like 6-7 hours through the Moorland and the heath. The altitude is at 4000 meters above sea level, within the Caldera rim, and gradually drops to 3500 meters above sea level at Mude cave camp. You will see the Sipi River,  Kajeri Valley, Dirigana falls, Muyembe Valley, Mubiyi Peak, and rock Sculptures, world cup-shaped rock, plants like the senecio and Lobelia Elgonesis, caldera, Siyo cave and among others. You may also decide to take your dinner and stay overnight at Mude Cave Camp.

Day 4: Mude to Wagagai

Mude to Wagagai peak which at 4321 meters Descend back to Mude. You will have to hike to the famous Wagagai peak that is known to be the highest point and later you will descend back to Mude.  You may decide to have dinner and stay overnight at Mude cave camp.

Day 5: Descend

You will descend as you are returning back to sipi falls. When you return to the spectacular Sipi falls, you may be feeling illness symptoms such as nausea, headaches and lack of appetite. You will be breathing at a fast pace than the usual breathing pace. You will definitely slow down after some relaxation. You will probably have enjoyed the successful summit.

Sipi Trail description

The trail take you through rural subsistence farmland, ecological zones, health zones, mixed bamboos, caves, with its stunted shrubs and wildflowers,  following the rim of the caldera to Wagagai Peak is charming.


You cannot predict the weather of the mountain. Wet conditions are the common ones and the trails are so slippery and mainly when you are slopping. It is wise when planning for your itinerary and come with all your requirements so that you can handle the various weather conditions. You may come with clothes for changing while at the camp.


You will find water on different spots along the trail. Use the most purified water. You can use 1 ½ to 2 liters a day for sufficiency while hiking. Your crew can decide to boil water as you’re staying at the camp or may decide to come with your own water.

Mude Cave Camp.

This is a beautiful camp and is found amid old and slow growing pines. The views of the valley are amazing and you can sleep at A-frame lodge if you wish to sleep over. You may also decide to sleep in the amazing and beautiful campsites in the pines. There is also a big fire pit that has got a lot of benches. It will be so chilly at night. You need to have a warm hat, jacket and gloves. The squat houses are also there and they are so clean than the way you expect them to be.

Time estimates.

Time is had to estimate and tell since people have different levels of fitness, the trail conditions are also different and the pack weight and also how often you make stop overs to take photographs. You will need to take photos because the place is beautiful and the views are stunning. Porters and guides will do for you an excellent job and you will be excited by their services.

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