Sipi Falls

Uganda’s most beautiful falls

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls are ne of Uganda’s most beautiful falls lieing about 55km north of Mbale town in the foothills of mountain Elgon- about an hour’s drive from Mbale. The mountain river thrusts over a sequence colossal basalt precipice of the mountain Elgon sides to form a series of three spectacular falls- Sipi falls. The lower falls that gush about 100m along the slopes of Mountain Elgon is the most spectacular. Simba, on the other hand, pitches 69metres over the gateway of the cave and Ngasire surges over an 87metres high ridge.

The visit to these impressive falls entails a rather thorny 7km loop trek that is packed with steep ascents and descents, feeble ladders, fragile catwalks, lots of farms, and lots of sludge especially in the rainy season- however, we could say things could be a little different in the dryer season.

From the nearby Lacam lodge, it is not too hard to see the focal drop of the Sipi falls and also the tallest falls of about 100m. Although I must mention it’s not just from here where you can have such views, but also from numerous positions around coupled with sights downhill towards the valley below with Mbale in the distance. The amphitheatre-like landscape makes it perfect for the views and with the right angles and positioning one can be able to take spectacular pictures of the cascade of falls.

With a well-experienced guide, the hike begins with descents through the well ploughed local farms and onto the base of the falls or you can call it the headquarters of the falls. As earlier mentioned during the rainy season the trails get quite grimy, slippery and steep but the hike should get you to the front of the magnificent falls.  

Further from the base is a perfect viewing spot, the cave. From inside here, visitors can enjoy the back of the bigger falls. Continue through the lush green local farms, following a trail uphill to a feeble small path that leads to the views of the second falls which is about 69metres tall. The falls are made up of upper tumbles which finally make a final thrust. A tiny path leads to another cave right behind the middle falls.

The hike continues to steeper and muddier sections up to the middle falls. Breathe in the beautiful; fertile, volcanic and cultivated slopes of the Elgon. Continue through a couple of farms before mounting yet again slithery tracks to the base of the uppermost falls- how stunning!

 The rather long walk to the third of the falls from the second one is deeply rewarding and perhaps well worthwhile. The approximately 80 meters fall is tall and columnar – it height makes it visible from a distance as you close in. and if you persist and follow the path it takes you real close to the falls where you can appreciate it better.

The height and the vitality in its flow as it spews mist that is freshly soothing, the streaming sun light reflects a colourful rainbow in the mist. This is the climax of the hike. When you are done, the guide will help you back to the trading centre later on the lodge returning with stunning memories of the cascading series of falls and the green freshly ploughed local farms.

The next time you book your tour to Uganda be request these stunning falls for a delightful experience. A guided tour is the best way you can experience these beauties fully. And the money paid to sometimes includes a contribution to the local land owners. Be sure to support the local people and do not forget to grab yourself fresh mountain Elgon coffee a perfect souvenir from the mountains.

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