Sipi Falls In Eastern Uganda

Visitors are encouraged to come and visit these falls for the best safari adventure by booking with Africa adventure vacations.

Sipi Falls In Eastern Uganda

Sipi Falls is one of the magnificent adorable natural features that is located in Kapchorwa district in the eastern part of Uganda. Visitors landing at Entebbe international airport in Uganda will need to travel on road another 277 kilometers from Kampala city to Sipi Fall. Remember, that Kampala city is just 35 kilometers away from Entebbe International airport.

The Falls are situated in the foothills of Mount Elgon adamant volcano nearly at the border of Uganda with the republic of Tanzania. The word Sipi originated from the Sabiny word called Sep which means a wild banana plant that usually grows along the banks of the river. This means that the areas surrounding the Sipi Falls are covered by this wild plant. This plant is also of medical significance to the people of this area they use it for treating malaria and measles.

The name falls was derived from the hot springs that fall on river Sipi which moves down the Mt Elgon slopes. As it pours down from a high altitude, the river is interfaced with cliffs forming different rapids and falls and it contours to pour the water to Lake Kyoga. And of course, Sipi Falls were formed as the result of the cliffs that formed that water in the river to move over it creating waterfalls Sipi with powerful force.

Sipi falls is one of the bests and magnificent waterfalls in Uganda and several trekkers have described how they have loved the trekking safari to Sipi falls. The formation of the falls takes water on a three-course each with a different altitude.  For4example the forest phase has over 100 meters and this forms the spectacular falls, the second has 85 meters, and the last go to 75 meters. A trek to Sipi Falls is so rewarding to visitors as it gives stunning views of Mt Elgon slopes, the Arabic coffee plantation farms, the lowland and flat areas of Karamoja region as well as the views of Lake Kyoga.

The water forms a nice feature for tourists to see and relax after a tiring trek to the falls. Close to the waterfall, there is a cave that was artificially created towards the end of the falls. Here you can have an experience by visiting it, sit, relax as you receive, and enjoy showers from the showering Sipi Falls. The Sipi falls provide a cool atmospheric environment for all the visitor’s bit you must visit this place during the dry season because the wet season makes the areas slippery making it difficult to trek. Visitors interested in photography are recommended to visit Sipi falls for the best memories.

Visitors are encouraged to come and visit these falls for the best safari adventure by booking with Africa adventure vacations. If you intend to stay at Sipi Falls for more than one day, there is no problem because there arrange accommodation facilities where you can stay comfortably. These accommodation facilities range from upmarket hotels, mid-range accommodation facilities, and budget facilities.

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