Senkwekwe Orphanage Center

Book with us if you want to visit Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center and we book for you accommodation at Mikeno lodge.

Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center

Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center is found in the Virunga national park headquarters in Rumangabo nearby Mikeno lodge, it is home of orphanage and harmed mountain gorillas. Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center is the only place worldwide that harbors harmed and orphaned mountain gorillas and this place was established due to high civil wars and poachers in the country. This has helped to increase in the number of primate in Virunga national and also to rescue mountain gorillas and give them a second chance at life. Vet doctors, chef, housekeepers have skills and working together so that these primate have better life and enough care.

This name Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center was created after the death of silverback which was killed in 2007 with other 3 gorilla members of Rugendo gorilla group and left behind Ndakasi and Ndeze were transferred to Goma for shelter. The park rangers were the ones in charge of these gorillas when they took authority of the park in 2009. Since Goma town is too busy, crowded, noisy and no vegetation so this area was not favoring the orphanage gorillas then they planned to set up a center in Rumangabo at the Virunga national park headquarters where they can take care of these gorillas without disturbance.  Finally the plan of setting a center went well in 2010 with the help of online campaign that helped them raise funds of over 211,000USD from the people who had interest in this project to be established.

In future the authorities are thinking of expanding the outer perimeter fence and put an inner fence for guarding the Mikeno lodge and the people who are staying in Rumangabo at large.

The mountain gorillas found at Senkwe Gorilla orphanage Center are being monitored by the park however, they are currently free to play in the outside compound without the any rangers’ supervision because they are as vulnerable as when they are still young. Taking care of large primates is also tricky but still have to be managed. The center also hosts few lowland gorillas and are rescued from Kahuzi Biega and Bukavu. They are taken care of on a daily basis, wounds are nursed and fed. You will meet 6 gorillas at the orphanage and they include Ndeze, Ndakasi, Matabishi, Kaboko, and Yalala. These were all victims of poaching. Maisha was the first tenant to stay in the orphanage but later died due to the ill health and are also suspected to be with such weak immunity.

Book with us if you want to visit Senkwekwe Gorilla Orphanage Center and we book for you accommodation at Mikeno lodge.

About Rumangabo Town

Rumangabo town is found in DR. Congo north of Lake Kivu. It is near Virunga national park headquarters just 3.5 kilometers and this town is mainly known as a region for the military base

Rumangabo town is among the richest towns in Congo whereas it has some challenges which affect the development and one of them is that the disturbance of the military groups. The place is secure because of these troops that ensure the security and safety of the region. Rumangabo is known to be the center of wars for Laurent Nkunda’s team and the Congolese Army thus causing tension in the region.

Tourists who love luxury lodges are always found in Rumangabo and you will find prestigious lodges like Mikeno lodge. The lodge has got 12 luxury lodges that can manage to accommodate the tourists or guests with a great team of staff that is always happy to receive visitors.

Mikeno Lodge is located strategically to Virunga National Park Headquarters and you will drive 90 minutes from Goma to reach the gate. It is a good place for bird watching because it is a place that has got several bird species that are found in the forested area. You will find mid-range accommodation in this place and they include Bukima tented camp. The camp was initially for research but with time it was turned into a lodge for visitors since it was the main starting point for gorilla trekking in Virunga.

Bukima tented camp has a lot of amazing views in the area with Mount Nyiragongo and Mikeno as the main center of the view. During the night, you will see a red glow from Mountain Nyirarango’s lava lake that covers the cloud at a certain distance hence this is the perfect place for lodging choice when you are trying to visit the park. Mountain gorillas are seen wandering around the lodge and it will be great for you to stay around and you manage to get an opportunity to watch the mountain gorillas in the compound.

Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center is also found in Rumangabo, it was introduced in the 2000s to support the younger gorillas that had lost their parents during the war of Congo and left many displaced. This gave gorillas a second chance to live and even now, it is available you can visit them and see the progress and also know their background. You can also participate in the program financially by donating or physically assisting in the growth of the center. Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage is an amazing point for you to visit as most people are coming to visit Virunga National Park.  Try and have a night spent at Rumangabo.

Rumangabo is a place where you will find Chimpanzees of Virunga. The Virunga chimpanzees are being habituated for human presence. You can always add a visit to the chimpanzees on your trip.  The best package for spending enough time in Virunga is known as the Great Ape Package of Virunga. There is also a new school that has recently been opened up in the area and was helped by the Murray foundation. The local children of the area have an opportunity now to learn and no longer join the troops at a young stage. The school has 7 classrooms and it can even accommodate up to 700 students. This is a bright future for Rumangabo town as it is making a literate community and it comes with a positive impact on the community. The school was officially launched in 2009.  Virunga has done a lot to build schools in the region.

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