Rwanda Low season gorilla permits

Low season gorilla permits can be booked through Rwanda Development Board

Rwanda Discounted Gorilla Permits In Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda now offers discounted gorilla permits or what you can call Rwanda low season gorilla permits to volcanoes National park. Rwanda is known as the land of thousand hills and it has marketed itself as an expensive destination by increasing the price of her gorilla trekking permit from $750 to $1500 per person per trek. However, according to the tariff released by Rwanda Development Board, the discounted gorilla permits are at $1050 per permit especially during the low season for visitors going to Volcanoes national park or Rwanda for gorilla trekking safaris.  Therefore visitors interested in going to Rwanda to see gorillas in Volcanoes National Park will be entitled to get the low season gorilla permit prices especially during the low season.

Conditions for you to benefit from Rwanda discounted gorilla permits

For one to benefit from the discounted gorilla trekking permits for Rwanda and pay $1050 instead of $1500 per person per trek in Volcanoes national park, one must book extra or other days in one of the Rwanda national parks and thus the minimum days for you to befit from this offer is 3 and other more days that you spend on the Rwandan soil the better for you to enjoy this wonderful offer. There are other national parks in Rwanda where one can spend other days and these include the Akagera national park that offers the big 5 animal game viewing, Nyungwe Forest National Park where visitors can go for chimpanzee tracking as well as canopy walks.  Nyungwe National Park is also a destination for wonderful bird species and therefore you can go and enjoy the bird-watching activities.  This means that visitors spending the day at Akagera National Park or Nyungwe Forest National Park, will get a chance of paying USD1050 for the gorilla trekking permit to Volcanoes National Park to trek the endangered Mountain gorillas during the low season.

When Rwanda low season gorilla are permits available / issued / provides / offered?

Rwanda discounted gorilla trekking permits are offered or provided during the low season which comes in Mya and the Month of November. Thus visitor’s interest in enjoying the Rwanda discounted gorilla permits must make sure that they book a gorilla safari to Rwanda just during the low season in the stipulated months provided above. The low season is convenient because very many tourists visit the park and the low season gorilla discounted permits are designed to attract more tourists to visit Rwanda during the low season. Usually, the low season in Rwanda is characterized by rains that are usually received during this season and the working schedule of Europe and the United States of America Continent.

The History of Rwanda Discounted Low season gorilla permits/ discounted Rwanda gorilla permits

The business or the idea Rwanda discounted gorilla permits was established in 2017 after the Rwanda Development Board announced an increase in the Rwanda gorilla trekking permit from USD750-USD1500 per permit. The increment of Gorilla prices in Rwanda was done to market Rwanda as the luxurious tourism destination in the whole of Africa and indeed this venture is yielding results as investors have been called upon to invest heavily in lodges and huge conference centers and as I talk right now Rwanda is one of the African countries with the many luxury lodges as other are being introduced. Such success has been attributed to the presence of the Rwanda air which has carried luxury travelers or tourists to Rwandan soil. To keep its market base and keep on attracting the gorilla trekkers in Volcanoes national park, after it increased the normal price of a gorilla trekking permit, Rwanda still announced a 30% discount for the same increased price making it USD1050 for the visitors that would trek gorillas in November and May.

It should be remembered that the idea of discounted gorilla permits was first introduced by Uganda wildlife Authority where visitors who would visit Uganda during the low season would pay only $450 per person per trek bit after the new development in Rwanda, this offer in Uganda was scrapped off and Uganda maintained its stand of USD700 per person per trek for visitors visiting Uganda to see gorillas in all seasons. Much as Rwanda offered these discounted gorilla permits during the low season,  still, one must full fill or benefit from this offer with the strings attached as we have seen earlier.  Moreover, the discounted price for gorilla permits in Rwanda at USD1050 cannot match the normal gorilla trekking for Uganda at $700 and that of the Democratic Republic of Congo at $400 per person per trek.  And of this difference in the price, we have seen tourists flying to Kigali international airport and then connect to Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park for gorilla trekking via Katuna and Cyanika border points. In case you’re interested in taking gorilla permits from Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, please contact Africa adventure vacations for the better arrangement of the gorilla safari, when and how to book a gorilla holiday to the gorilla trekking countries as highlighted above.

How to book Rwanda discounted gorilla or Rwanda Low season gorilla permits?

Visitors or travelers interested in seeing mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park in Rwanda on a discounted permit or Rwanda low season gorilla permits can book these gorilla permits through Rwanda Development Board Directly or through a reputable tour operator. Once you have booked with your tour operator and you have informed him or her of the dates or months of the year that you would like to book the discounted gorilla permits, then the tour operator will check for the availability of the permits against your preferred dates and then he or she will communicate to you if the gorilla permits or Rwanda low season gorilla permits are available. Remember that these low season Rwanda permits or low season discounted gorilla permits are offered in May and November.

Once this is done, remember that this offer is attached to you spending more days in Akagera or Nyungwe Forest National Park where you can as well engage in the game drive for the big 5 animals of Africa and Chimpanzee tracking respectively. If you to the terms and conditions for Rwanda discounted gorilla permits then you will be allowed to enjoy discounts and buy the gorilla permit at $1050 in May and May.  At Africa adventure vacations we have enough experience in organizing gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda that is combined with wildlife safaris, we help book you the discounted gorilla permits for Rwanda and also give you the advisory information about Rwanda, Uganda, and Rwanda since these are the only countries where gorillas live in their natural habitat.

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