Rumara Loop In Akagera National Park

Rumara loop leads you to lake Shakani one of the beautiful lakes in the park

Rumara Loop In Akagera National Park Rwanda

The game drive inside Akagera national park Rwanda to Rumara loop is very exciting to see lots of animals in the national park. Driving down to Rumara loop to the escarpment and the shores of the lake road, turning left continue and turn right on to Rumara loop road.

Driving through Rumara loop takes you about 1 hour that’s 20 km, while on the shores of the lake seeing elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks, warthogs, and impalas that are common in the area. Going through the ruins of the old research house which reputedly became a weekend retreat for president Habyarimana in the early 1990s in Akagera national park.

Rumara loop leads you to lake Shakani one of the beautiful lakes in Akagera national park. Shakani is a small lake and the only lake where sport fishing is done in Akagera national park. There is a small area for shelter where tourists can stop for a picnic for lunch while seeing different animals in Akagera national park.

Akagera national park has a lot of lakes, papyrus swamps, rolling hills, and savannah plains combine to make Akagera national amongst the most scenic biodiversity reserve anywhere in Africa. Akagera national park is just 2 hours’ drive from Rwanda. Akagera national park covers an area of about 1,122 sq. km with a lot of wildlife.

Akagera national park was gazette in 1934 in the eastern side of Rwanda, it’s the country’s biggest national park. The park is a home to animals such as buffaloes, hyenas, lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, topis, impalas, giraffes to mention but a few. Elephants normally gather around the shores of the lakes where you find large schools of hippos and crocodiles.

Akagera national park visit can be combined with a visit to Nyungwe forest national park for chimpanzee trekking and volcanoes national park for gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking to give you a memorable safari in Rwanda.

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