Queen Elizabeth National Park in Rubirizi District

Katunguru Sub County in Rubirizi district is occupied with several fishing villages and unique culture

Rubirizi District Sharing Queen Elizabeth National Park

Part of the Rubirizi district is covered by Queen Elizabeth National Park. Rubirizi is a new district that was curved away from Bushenyi district and most people know this part as Bunyaruguru. Over 50% of the Rubirizi district is occupied by Queen Elizabeth National Park via Maramagambo forest, Kasyoha Kitomi Forest which takes a total area of 784square kilometers of Rubirizi district.

Rubirizi district borders Kasese in the north Ibanda and Bushenyi in the northeast and the south and Buhweju and Rukungiri in the East and Southwestern direction. Still, the district is bordered by Lake Edward in the democratic republic of Congo. Rubirizi can be traced in latitudes in 0°North and 0°46’south of the equator. The section of Queen Elizabeth National park spanning into Rubirizi district is majorly forested with magnificent terrain that would need to hike and see Uganda’s beauty. The part is also characterized by crater lakes and pointed valleys. Ruburizi is an agricultural district and people do grow crops and rear the animals.

The various m attractions you can have a glance at while in Rubirizi queen Elizabeth National park include; tree coffee plantations that are situated in Kirungu Sub County this is a really interesting attraction especially for those who love agro-tourism. There is also a magnificent Kyambura gorge that offers the opportunity to have a clear view of the flat plains and terrains of queen Elizabeth National Park.

There is still an important attraction in Rubirizi –Queen Elizabeth National park which is known as Maramagambo forest where you can go and have a glimpse at the historical bat cave and Nyanzibiri where very many bats concentrate which attracts very many visitors to go to Maramagambo to have a glimpse at these interesting features including the rock python.

Katunguru Sub County in Rubirizi district is occupied with several fishing villages and unique culture with people practicing authentic cultural activities and practices that are very crucial. The fishing villages and landing sites are favored by the presence of water bodies such as the Kazinga channel, Lake George, and Lake Edward. Therefore you can come and interact with fishermen and engage in sport fishing.

While in Rubirizi –Queen Elizabeth national park. Visitors can stay at various accommodation facility which provides a comfortable and safe stay for your visits one can stay at Parkview safari lodge, buffaloes lodge, and jacana lodge among others.

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