Cost of a gorilla habituation permit in Uganda

The gorilla habituation experience permit costs United States Dollars 1500 per trek per person for Foreign-Non Residents

Rescheduling Gorilla Habituation Experience Permits In Uganda.

Rescheduling gorilla habituation experience permits in Uganda- The Gorilla habituation experience is where tourists are allowed to spend more time with mountain gorillas that are under the habituation process. Gorilla habituation experience is conducted only Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the visitors will need a gorilla habituation experience permit from the Uganda wildlife authority to be able to engage in this gorilla habituation experience. All gorilla permits in Uganda have fixed dates and can only be changed or rescheduled to another date one there is a serious problem beyond the client’s control. We are going to look at how best to reschedule gorilla habituation permits for Bwindi in Impenetrable forest National Park.

About gorilla habituation experience in Uganda

The gorilla habituation process is one of the greatest activities that you can do on an African safari. Gorilla habituation process whereby the wild mountains gorillas in the thick forests of a safari specifically in Uganda are trained by a team of researchers and trackers such that they can be used to people. The whole process of gorilla Habituation takes about 2-3 years and once the process is complete the habituated gorilla family is opened for tourism or gorilla trekking.

It is important to note that the gorilla habituation process is the activity that comes first before gorilla trekking. This means that gorilla trekking cannot happen without the gorilla habituation process. Once the gorilla habituation process is done and the gorilla is used to the people then gorilla trekking activity follows whereby groups of 8 people visit each habituated gorilla family per day.  In Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park gorilla habituation experience/process takes place in Rushaga situated in the southern part of the Park.  Currently, the two groups of Bushaho and Bikyingi are available for gorilla habituation activity and only 4 tourists are allowed to visits each gorilla group per day for gorilla habituation. As you have seen, there are limited slots for people doing gorilla habituation therefore you need to book the gorilla trekking permit early enough in order not to miss this great opportunity. Visitors who complete the gorilla habituation activity are issued with a certificate and the headquarter and this us gorilla habituation activity is one of the consideration before booking a gorilla habituation process in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

How to book gorilla habituation experience permits for Bwindi Forest

 Before rescheduling the gorilla habituation experience permits for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park, it means that you should have booked them first via a registered tour operator like Africa Adventure Vacations or directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority. What you have to do to book a gorilla habituation process, you will tell us the dates of when you intend to travel for the gorilla habituation process, and then for us at Africa Adventure Vacations will check for the availability of the habituation permits via the Uganda Wildlife Authority system and after we have confirmed the availability, then we shall inform you and book the permit tentatively as we send you the invoice for you to pay. After you have paid us via bank transfers and credit card system, we shall pay for your permit and send you the proof of payment and after getting the permit we shall let send you a copy as we keep the original until you touch on the Ugandan soil. Gorilla habituation experience permits are so competitive and tend to sell out easily and therefore the faster you process the payment the faster you get your gorilla experience habituation permit. Remember that you can only participate in the gorilla habituation experience provided you have booked and paid fully for the gorilla habituation experience permit.

How to reschedule gorilla habituation experience permits in Bwindi Forest Park.

For the reason beyond your control, you may decide to reschedule your gorilla habituation permit and put it on a new date from the previous booking date. Clients may decide to reschedule their permits because of a tight work schedule or sickness. Yes, at Africa Adventure Vacations we can help you assist in rescheduling your gorilla trekking permit provided you send us an email and tell us in detail your intention of rescheduling the gorilla Habituation Permit. Once we receive your email. We will forward it to Uganda Wildlife Authority and we request for a gorilla habituation permit reschedule. Upon approval, your new date will be entered into the system and then you will be fine with your gorilla habituation experience permit. Immediately, UWA will send us a notification once the gorilla habituation permit is rescheduled is granted and then we shall immediately notify you via email. Contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for more details.

Terms and condition for rescheduling gorilla habituation experience permits

One thing that visitors should know especially those intending to reschedule their gorilla habituation experience permits is that these permits can be rescheduled once and thus visitors should be able to know that. This means that if you make your mind that you can do the habituation experience after you have rescheduled it, then you will lose the gorilla habitation permit. Or you can at all means try to sell the permit to other people who need it. At Africa Adventure Vacations we try to resell your permit to and if it is luckily sold, then we refund your money however, it is not guaranteed that you will get a person to buy your permit.

Another important thing that you need to know while rescheduling your permit is is that the gorilla habituation permit reschedule should be done two weeks before the actual dates of habituation trekking. And if this is done after the above stipulated weeks then you will have to incur some costs or be refused to reschedule. This means that you will need to inform us ta Africa adventure vacations about your change of mind when it is still two weeks such that we can help you and reschedule your permit.

There is no penalty for someone trying to reschedule his or her gorilla habituation experience when it is done within the stipulated time of two weeks before the actual date of trekking. However, you might be charged if you try to reschedule the gorilla trekking permit when the Uganda Wildlife Authority has finished printing the permit and has already been issued. Currently, $20 will be charged by UWA once you intend to do that.

Cost of a gorilla habituation permit

The gorilla habituation experience permit costs United States Dollars 1500 per trek per person for Foreign-Non Residents, $1000 for foreign residents, and Uganda shilling 750,000 for East African citizens per person per trek and this allows you to do the activity for 4 hours. Only four permits are available per day which implies that you need to book in advance to be able to get an opportunity to engage in a gorilla habituation experience. The activity starts at around 7:00 am with a briefing by the staff and you must attend this briefing. The costs of this involve the four hours spent with gorillas, the park entrance fees, the guiding /ranger fee however it excludes transportation to and from Bwindi and the accommodation costs. The gorilla habituation permit is issued to visitors who are 15 years and above and those below are not eligible to do the activity. 

How to access the gorilla habituation experience region of Bwindi National Park

Getting to Bwindi Forest National Park via Kigali international airport is so easiest and shortest route as it will take you about 4 to 5 hours to reach the park through Katuna or Cyanika borders between Uganda and Rwanda. Our professional drivers will pick you from Kigali international airport or at the hotel where you slept and traverse with you through the city of Kigali and then start the cross country journey and have your lunch in Kisoro for lunch and a night and then wakeup for gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest park. However, visitors can use 8 to 9 hours to arrive from Entebbe international airport to Bwindi Park with good interesting stopovers. You can as well opt to fly from Entebbe international airport/Kajjansi airfield to Kisoro airstrip which is about two hours Aerolink Uganda limited operated flights in addition to other chartered flights such as that land at Kihihi or Kisoro airstrip and then use an airport transfer to your hotel

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