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Requesting For Extra Chimpanzee Trekking Permit From Uganda Wildlife Authority

Are you looking for the possible extra way of requesting for extra chimpanzee trekking permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority? Uganda is known as one of the best destinations in the world for chimpanzee tracking. Uganda has been referred to as a primate’s haven by various travelers and travel bloggers due to the availability of many primates giving people higher chances of sighting the chimpanzees. Chimpanzees in Uganda are found in different places across the country and they can be found in Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Budongo forest, Kalinzu Forest among other destinations. Chimpanzee trekking is the second-best activity highlighted on Uganda safaris after gorillas trekking. All visitors interested in chimpanzee-related activities such as chimpanzee tracking and habituation must possess a valid chimpanzee tracking permit card that is used by Uganda Wildlife Authority. This card must be booked in advance in order not to miss out on their fantastic activity. There is no opportunity that visitors who had earlier booked their chimpanzee trekking permit can as well request an extra chimpanzee trekking permit on the same date the previous one was first booked at. Here in this article, I will explain deeply how best you can request extra chimp permits from the Uganda wildlife authority to ensure that all of your clients get all the chimp trekking permits.  For you to ask for the extra chimpanzee trekking permit, there are guidelines that you have to follow to have this process successful.

Requesting extra chimpanzee trekking permits from UWA

Uganda wildlife authority has responded to clients’ demands of having extra chimpanzee’s permits additional the ones that they had previously booked and this can be best done by registered tour operators. In case you are interested in additional chimpanzee trekking permits, you must know that there are terms and conditions for you to be granted this opportunity for extra chimpanzee permits. One of the conditions is that for one to be allowed to apply for the extra chimpanzee permits, you must have booked other chimpanzee permits in advance on the same date and you can prove this by show of receipt. As long as you approve this, then you will go ahead with your request and here at Africa adventure vacations, we are ready to provide you with any assistance regarding your request for an extra chimpanzee trekking permit in Uganda.

In case you need extra chimpanzee permits for Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo forest reserve, Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, and other areas in Uganda, you will have to do this by writing officially to Uganda Wildlife Authority offices expressing your interests in getting extra permits on the same date you had booked the previous one stating clearing the reason as to why you need the permit and why you dint book it for the first time. Upon receiving your letter, the staff at UWA will go back into the system and verify all the information provided majorly to see if you had booked the permit of that available dates and which park or sector of the park was booked. The evaluation team will do its job and once it is proven beyond a reasonable doubt that you deserve the chance to get an extra permit, then you will be permitted to trek and get more extra permits. Usually, the chimp permits are printed and come in form of cards but for extra chimp permits, you will be given a letter attached to the card and you will go with it and introduce it to the chief warden of the park the day you will track the chimps. It is the duty of the chief warden if he or she wants to confirm if he or she can call at UWA head office. Even the Warden is notified of this development through an email that is sent to him by the head office. Please feel free to contact Africa Adventure Vacations on how to request extra chimp trekking permits.

Why do tour operators or companies request additional chimpanzee permits?

Usually, there is only one reason why tour companies or operators request extra chimpanzee trekking permits this happens on rare occasions anywhere by tour companies request extra chimpanzee trekking permits for  Kibale Forest National Park, Budongo forest, Kalinzu forest, and Kyambura Gorge and UWA will not be hesitant to give the extra permits to the tour operator especially when the client has booked the permit in advance for a big group of people and the group increase in number then here the tour operator is free to request for extra chimp permits to cater for the additional number of people on the traveling group. However, in granting these extra permits, there conditions and terms attached to this according to UWA extra permit issuance guidelines, If indeed your cause is genuine, you will be granted the extra permits and one of the conditions for you to enjoy or get the extra permit is that you should have booked in advance the chimpanzee trekking permit and it should be the same date where you need that extra permits. However, the Uganda Wildlife Authority has all the rights to grant you or deny you the chimpanzee trekking permits.

How many extra chimpanzee permits can I be given by UWA?

We cannot guarantee you that Uganda Wildlife Authority will issue to you the extra chimp permits and in case you get a chance and they offer you the permit there is a possibility that you will be offered a permit or two in addition to the ones that you had booked already, remember that is done all the time and it rarely happens.  A tour company or operator can request an extra chimpanzee trekking permit per year and through this, all companies are always expected to book enough chimp permits for their expected clients to avoid inconveniences that come with applying for extra costs. In case, you are there and you want to bring a large number of visitors to Uganda just contact Africa Adventure vacations for more assistance on how best you can request the extra chimpanzee trekking permit such that your visitors can have and enjoy a comfortable chimp trekking experience.

Where to see chimpanzees in Uganda.

Uganda is one of the best destinations with chimpanzees that are well-habituated meaning you can come to Uganda on your safari see chimpanzees in their natural habitat without any harm since the chimpanzees are trained to get used to human beings. While in Uganda, the chimpanzees can be seen in areas such as Budongo forest, Kyambura gorge, Karinzu Forest, and Kibale Forest National Park. Visitors interested in seeing chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge and Kibale Forest National park must book the permits in advance since these permits are in high demand and for Karinzu and Budongo chimpanzees trekking safaris then you must get contact to National Forestry Authority to assign you the person in charge of this particular activity. Uganda lodges handle all the permits for Budongo Forest on behave of the National Forest Authority.

How to book a Chimpanzee trekking permit in Uganda

Yes as we earlier said that you will need chimpanzee trekking permits to be able to see chimpanzees in Uganda, it is fantastic that we take through the process of how best you can book a chimpanzee trekking permit in Uganda. It is very easy to book and secure your chimpanzee trekking permit with us at Africa adventure vacations by sending us your interests about chimpanzee trekking and for us, we shall check if there is the availability of the permits basing on your preferred dates of travel and after we have checked for the availability we shall send you the invoice for you to pay and after paying then,  we shall secure and book your chimpanzee trekking permit and send you the scanned copies of your chimp trekking permit including all your particulars and then for you will just wait for your date of travel and come to Kibale forest national park and enjoy the experience. The same procedure is used for booking the chimpanzee habituation process which only takes Kibale Forest, National Park.

What are the chances your request for an extra chimpanzee permit will pass through?

There are chances but what we can assure you is that the chances of request for the chimpanzee trekking permit being granted are 50-50% because the chances of denying you the extra permit or granting it to you are equal.   It will be upon the mercy of the UWA executive directors to assess, evaluate your request, and award you. Usually, companies are allowed to buy more permits and reserve them for their clients especially when the booking is for the big group.

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