Visit Kidepo Valley National Park in Uganda

Kidepo valley national park presents the most park with an abundance of wildlife species that include north flora and fauna.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Kidepo National Park

Reasons why you should visit Kidepo National Park: A hundred kilometers away from the busy city center and city noise, just in the corner of Uganda in northeastern Uganda at the border with Kenya, is a wildlife-rich national park which is not known to many visitors and thus has not yet been fully exploited and that is Kidepo Valley National Park  for the best Uganda safaris

Kidepo Valley National park was gazetted as a national park in the year 1962 the same year when Uganda got its independence.  Because of its attractiveness to many, the park was ranked by CNN in 2017 as the 3rd best park in Africa, Kidepo Park features savannah grasslands, mountainous landscapes, and valleys and offers the best serene environment for visitors looking for a calm and isolated environment just to communicate with wildlife only. In this article, I bring you the reasons every traveler should visit Kidepo valley national on your vacation.

Kidepo valley national park presents the most park with an abundance of wildlife species that include north flora and fauna, as you move around the park for game drives you see very many animals that will cross your pass and catch your attention. Among the wild animals include zebras, leopards, lions, giraffes, buffaloes, errand, duikers, buffaloes, mountain red bucks, kobs, bush pigs, both spotted and striped hyenas, Pata monkeys, and a variety of flora that include the acacia trees, Borassus palms, sausage trees among others. The list is endless, you need to visit Kidepo valley national park to see the park with cheetahs in the whole of Uganda, and once you have visited Kidepo everything you need in terms of Wildlife is secured.

Additionally, every visitor should visit the Kidepo valley national park because of its variety of rich birding species. Over 470 bird species have been recorded in the mark of which 58 species of birds are prey and including Egyptian vulture, Verreaux’s eagle, pygmy falcon among others. The presence of very many bird species has made Kidepo the second park after Queen Elizabeth national park in terms of the number of birds. Karamajong Apalis is a unique bird species that are restricted to Kidepo Valley National Park even the park has ostriches of all the parks and this makes it one of the best birding destinations.

The unique culture and people of Karamoja is one of the motivation as to why people should visit Kidepo Valley National park. As earlier said Kidepo valley National park is located in the Karamoja region where there two tribes of people named Karamajong and the Ik people. Karamoja believes that all cows in Uganda and the world belong to them and their livelihood depends on milk from cows, both cultural people reside in communities. Immersing in their culture is amazing and this can be achieved by partaking in their traditional folks, practice in traditional dance and drama as the experience go further beyond your expectations.

Still, Kidepo valley national park presents the best opportunities for scenic viewing and photography. As you navigate the park in your vehicle for the game drive safaris, visitors heading to Kidepo valley national park can go ahead and continue to raise Mt Morungole where you can stay open savannah grassland you can see good sights of the park and you don’t need to miss your camera to capture these sights. Visit Kanangorok Hot Springs that is believed to be a healing place for skin diseases.  A combination of these factors will justify the reasons as to why Kidepo Valley National Park is the best national park in Uganda

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