Quad Biking And Horse Riding In Jinja Uganda

The best time for quad biking in Jinja is in the rainy seasons that are October, November, April and May.

Quad Biking And Horse Riding In Jinja Uganda

Jinja is known as the adrenaline capital of east Africa with a number of activities such as quad biking, horse riding, bungee jumping, kayaking, whitewater rafting among others.

Quad biking in Jinja

Jinja is the best place to spend a number of days after a safari in Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth or Bwindi impenetrable national park. Quad biking is one of the thrilling activities to engage in while touring Jinja city. Quad biking is organized in many parts of the country but its nit that well known like that in Jinja. What makes this activity so special in Jinja is that you have opportunities of experiencing countryside and mix with local people as they do their local activities. Most Ugandan safaris occur in the wilderness, inside the safari vehicles with limited chances to experience the African rural life. Quad biking in Jinja district is done mainly in villages, sugar/tea plantations, forests and banks of River Nile.

The actual Quad Biking experience in Jinja

To participate in quad biking, you must be 12 years and above. There is no limited number of participants who want to engage in the activity that can go up to four hours. The quad companies can arrange this activity for between one to four hours. They usually provide participants with guides, goggles and overalls. This activity starts with briefing and there are free training lessons at a particular circuit for about 30 minutes and the topics covered here are about how to manage the road, how to change gears, how to maintain stability, remain on track and how to look out for people crossing the road. One does not need to have an experience with bikes to participate in quad biking. Safety measures aside, participants are warned about unnecessary competition and killing local animals.

Depending on the results after training, a trip is designed looking on to the reflation of the ability of the rider. Bikers are then put into 3 categories namely expert riders, beginners and children. Participants are then given either manual or automatic bikes. The bikers are then given helmets and other safety equipment. Different routes are taken while coming and going back although all paths go through the countryside.

 While riding you expect to meet people, motorcycles, waving kids, people in the gardens and ladies carrying babies with load on their heads. Meeting cars/vehicles is rare because routes used are off the main roads. During the stops along the Nile, you will see women was clothes by the river banks or even children swim through rapids on top of Jerry cans. The guides share with you history of River Nile, Jinja city and the hydroelectricity dams along the Jinja stretch on River Nile.

What you need to know when planning to do quad biking in Jinja.

To participate in quad biking, one has to pay USD50 and USD 110 depending on the routes to be taken and hours to spend.

 In order to enjoy during quad biking activity, bikers will need light clothes such as tracksuits or leggings. The quad biking companies provide the overalls and gumboots to protect you against mud and watery surfaces. You must keep your cameras in dust free and water resistant bags

The best time for quad biking in Jinja is in the rainy seasons that are October, November, April and May. The more the mad on ground the better the activity as sliding makes the activity more exciting. During rainy season, the countryside is scenic with a lot of tourism activities and colorful birds are everywhere. The drier months are dusty and it’s always the worst experiences for bikers at the back of the group who may find themselves covered with dust on completion. Although riding in the mud is fun, it’s always good for you to take caution, rules and regulations given to them.

Note: Apart from Jinja city, quad biking can be done also in Lake Mburo national park. Lake Mburo is the only national park in Uganda offering this activity because there are no elephants and lions to threaten people. Large bikes are the best for exploring the park. Quad bikes in Lake Mburo national park are fitted with silencers in order not to scare away animals and they are easy to navigate. No difference between quad biking in Jinja and that of Lake Mburo because bikers have to go first through briefing before continuing to see mammals feed on savannah plains, forest, valley and Lake Mburo. Bikers are advised not to do over speeding and not to divert from established tracks. The park authorities in charge of quad biking provide gumboots, helmets, goggles and overalls.

Horse riding safaris in Jinja Uganda

Horse riding is a rare interesting activity in Uganda.  Uganda has over 1800 horses that have been recorded by census agencies in Uganda with a big number in Karamoja region. Exploring a national park or a village on a horse ride is very unique and interesting as you get be best way to experience the wildlife and landscape of Africa. Mihingo safari lodge has the best horseback riding experience and is only correspondent to that of Jinja city. The only advantage of horseback riding in Jinja city is that you only get to close to park animals. Horseback riding in Jinja is done to allow tourists explore Africa’s village life as you have a panoramic view of River Nile and the tea estates.

Horseback safaris are organized by the Nile horseback riding Safari Company in Jinja owned by an Austrian Expatriate. Their horses are well trained, experienced and know what is expected out of them. Every horse has saddlebags, mounting block and a rain jacket that can be used in rainy seasons. The activity usually has two guides with one leading the riders and the other behind to follow ensuring that there is no one getting any difficulties. Horseback riding takes between 1 to 3 hours and it’s done in the morning, afternoon and in the evening at sunset. There is also an overnight ride but only experienced riders can participate in this one because it’s more strenuous and it goes through challenging trails.

In order not to stress the horses, there is a weight restriction and riders above 90kgs cannot ride horses. Many companies in Jinja need at least two people to do the night /sunset horseback ride. Those who have no experience should not be worried because there are always training lesions on how to control a horse before they start the activity. If the group has different riding skills levels, they begin at the same pace and they separate at a certain point to allow more advance riders ahead. The horse riding companies reserve some ponies to cater for kids and guides closely monitor them

The cost of horse riding

Horseback riding costs between USD 40 and USD 80 per adult depending on the number of hours and sessions.  Kids wanting to go for a short ponny ride pay USD 20. Sunset horseback riding costs USD 60 while 4 nights overnight ride goes for USD 265. Booking your horseback riding activity is important because guides are horses might be limited.

Apart from horseback riding, there other activities one can engage in while in Jinja city and these include bungee jumping, quad biking as well as canoeing. You are advised to pack a bottle of water, lunch, cream to protect you from the sun, camera, closed shoes and light clothes in order to have a comfortable experience.

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