Primate Tours In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

The park is a home of a number of primates such as endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, red tailed monkeys among others

Primate Tours In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Primate tours and safaris in volcanoes national park: The park is known for its Virunga Mountains and it was the first park to be gazetted in East Africa in 1925; located in northwest in Rwanda on an area of 160 sq. km. Volcanoes National Park borders Virunga National Park of Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga National Park of Uganda. Virunga National Park is well known for mountain gorillas living in the afro montanee ecosystem in the Albertine rift. Different safaris can be done in Volcanoes National Park and these include hiking safaris where you can get to hike any of Virunga Mountains i.e. Mount Gahinga, Sabinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke and Mountain Karisimbi where you hike and see other attractions such as birds, water bodies, primates and Musanze caves. There are also birding safaris, game drive safaris and cultural encounters among others.

Volcanoes National Park is a habitant of 706 bird species and 218 mammals that can be seen in the park. Mammals such as elephants, warthogs, bush backs, okapis, antelopes, lions, duikers, forest hog and pelicans. Birds i.e. yellow billed barbet, Madagascar bee eater, and yellow toothed barbet among others which can be seen on your safaris in the park.

The park is a home of a number of primates such as endangered mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, red colobus monkeys, black and white monkeys, olive baboons among others. Therefore; the park has over 15 habituated groups that can be seen during the primate tours and safaris. The gorilla trekking permit in the park goes for USD 1500 and you will have un forgettable experience with Rwanda gorilla tours when you visit any of the gorilla habituated groups in Volcanoes national park.

One of the most interesting families in Volcanoes National Park is Amahoro gorilla group which is the most peaceful gorilla family. Other gorilla families in the park include Susa gorilla family, Kwitonda gorilla family, Hirwa family, Sabinyo family, Agashya family, Umubano family, Ugenda family, Bwenge family, Karisimbi family and the Titus family.

These different gorilla family groups can be seen along the slopes of a number of Virunga Mountains while others can be found inside the park. On the slopes of Mountain Karisimbi you can find Karisimbi family and Susa family while on mountain Gahinga you find Hirwa gorilla group and Ugenda gorilla group. On Mountain Muhabura you will find Agashya gorilla group and lastly on mountain sabyinyo you will find sabinyo family.

Gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park

Trekking mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park is most exciting and most done activity with in the park. The trekking permit goes for USD 1500 and starts in the morning from the briefing center and before starting your journeys to different mountains depending on the different gorilla families you want to trek, you are told about the rules and regulations and then the do’s and don’ts such as photographing using cameras with flash, limited noise, unnecessary movements, keeping a distance away from gorillas among others. The briefing is done by a guide after which you’re grouped before going to the jungle.

The gorilla trekking experience in Volcanoes National Park takes about 2 to 3 hours visitors hiking different mountains and destinations in search for mountain gorillas in their habitants. When you find the gorillas you are given an hour to spend time with the gorillas see their behavior and habits how they feed, play, patrol and go hunt the food for the day. From here you can take pictures and record moments with the endangered mountain gorillas in the park. Gorilla trekking requires a permit and it is only valid for one day.

Golden monkey trekking

This is also one of the primate tours and safaris in volcanoes national park. Golden monkey trekking is an easy activity the fact that monkeys don’t move around looking for new homes to sleep. Just like gorilla trekking you require a permit and before trekking you will be briefed about the activity where you get to hike different Virunga Mountains. After getting to the golden monkeys you will spend time with them learning their habits and behaviors in the wild but this activity takes a short time so you can add on your experiencing by trekking other monkeys such as colobus monkeys, black and white monkeys among others

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