Park Entrance Fees To Lake Mburo

Nshara and Saga gates are the only gates that are used for entrance in Lake Mburo national park.

Park Entrance Fees To Lake Mburo National Park

Park entrance fees to lake Mburo are charges that a traveler has to pay to get permission before accessing the park. Lake Mburo national park is situated near Mbarara city in Kiruhura district, the park is the only one which is close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda and it is lies on 260 sq. kilometers. In 1933 it was game reserve then latter turned into a game reserve in 1963.

Sayings of some people,  they say since the park is too small in the size, it  means no park entrance fees but they may be wrong because the major purposes of this park in community is to help the community members through building schools, constructing hospital, roads and among others. The following are the park entry fee information on how it is paid and how much is paid.

Nshara and Saga gates are the only gates that are used for entrance in Lake Mburo national park. You will take different directions to reach these gates but they all take you to one final destination. As you are coming from Kampala to the park, it will take you 48 kilometers as you’re in the park premises for the entrance of Nshara gate and it will take you only 12 km for the sake of Saga entrance gate. You should know that the distance from Kampala to Lake Mburo is roughly 253 kilometers.

Due to the large group of visitors coming to the park, Uganda Wildlife Authority is tending to open new gates so as to ease the access of the park from the congestion at the entrance of the park thus easy smooth running of the parks activities.

Uganda Wildlife board of Uganda came up with various fee structures for activities in the Park and the following are the park entrance fees to Lake Mburo levied respectively;

Ugandan saloon cars that are registered are charged 20,000 UGX and for SUVs and 4x4wds are charged 30,000 UGX.

Uganda wildlife clubs pay 2000 UGX, Uganda pupils or students 3000 UGX, Children 5000 UGX, Adults 20,000 UGX, and university student 5000 UGX.

Adults who foreign residents pay 30 USD and US $40 for foreign non-residents, 20,000 UGX is paid by for East African residents, foreign residents 10 USD, children foreigners 20 USD, student groups 3000 UGX, East African 5,000. Tertiary institutions 5,000 UGX, Uganda wildlife clubs 2,000 UGX.

Annual park entrance for East African residents pay 15,000 UGX, passes individual 350 USD and East Africa visitors pay was 200,000 UGX and 500 US for international visitors, family with 4 children and with were to pay 300,000 UGX, also the corporate passes pay 2,500,000 UGX, tour operator are to pay 125000 UGX, taxi drivers 100000 UGX, Tour company driver are free of charge.

Lake Mburo has different fee paid for aircrafts, boats, landing fee and vehicle and they are as follows.

Motorcycles, East African visitors pay 10000 UGX and 30 USD for international visitors.

Minibuses: Omni-buses pay 30000 UGX for East Africa and 50$ for international.

 Tour company Vehicle 30000 UGX for East Africa and 120$ for international.

Pickups and 4WD cars 30000 UGX for East Africa and 50$ international.

Lake Mburo’s entrance fee have contributed to the rapid growth of the park. 20% of money collected is used to develop Lake Mburo’s closest local area. Clinics are built for health purposes and schools are built to improve education of the area.

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