3 Days Lake Mburo National Park Tour

Lake Mburo national park is the best park to spot leopards more so during night game drives.

This 3 days Lake Mburo National Park Safari Tour takes you to one of the smallest savannah parks in Uganda for a number of adventure activities.  The Park is home to various species of antelopes which thrive in the park because of less predators. Therefore, be ready to encounter animals such as giraffes, zebras, hyenas, waterbucks, Eland, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, bush pigs, Topis, reedbucks, sitatunga, side-striped jackals, otters, white-tailed mongoose, vervet monkeys, baboons and a collection of bird species.

Lake Mburo national park is the best park to spot leopards more so during night game drives. The main activities done in the park include game drives, horse riding, birding, nature walks, boat cruise, cycling, quad biking and sport fishing with about to 7 species of fish including tilapia, cat fish and lung fish.

3 Days Lake Mburo National Park Safari Tour Highlight

Day 1: Pick up and transfer to Lake Mburo for an evening game drive.

Day 2: Morning game drive – Boat cruise – Night game drive.

Day 3: Nature walk- Transfer to Kampala

Detailed program

Day 1: Pick up and transfer to Lake Mburo National park for an evening game drive.

Meet and greet your professional guide and embark on a 4hrs journey to the whispers of the wild in the southern region of Uganda. You will have stoper over at the Uganda equator for water experience and photography and continue with your safari to Igongo cultural center for your hot lunch. After drive to the park for check in, relax and prepare for an evening game drive.  Expect to see a lot of animals such as giraffes, bush babies, zebras, Buffaloes, Elands, antelopes among other animals along the Kigambira loop trail.

Dinner and overnight will be at Mihingo lodge (Luxury) Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range) Mpogo Safari Lodge (Budget)

Day 2: Morning game drive – Boat cruise – Night game drive.

Wake up early and take a cup of coffee as you prepare for an amazing morning game drive along the Kazuma track. This game drive track offers endless views of rolling hills and a number of lakes in the park. During this safari, look out for animals such as Zebras, bush bucks, Eland, water bucks, warthogs, impalas, Klipspringer among others. If you are lucky enough; you may spot nocturnal predators such as hyenas, leopards and jackals.

After your morning game drive, drive back to the lodge for hot lunch, relax and go for an afternoon boat cruise on the lake. You will encounter different aquatic animals such as hippos and crocs as well as a number of bird species like, herons, Nubian Woodpecker, Brown Parrot, Common Scimitar bill, Crested Francolin, African grey hornbill, fish eagles, papyrus bush strike, Yellow breasted Apalis, pelicans, shoe bill stork, weaver birds, African fin foot and white winged warbler. You will drive back to the lodge and get ready for a magical night game drive in Lake Mburo national park.

Dinner and overnight will be at Mihingo lodge (Luxury) Rwakobo Rock (Mid-range) Mpogo Safari Lodge (Budget)

Day 3: Nature walk- Transfer to Kampala

After breakfast, head to the park for an exciting nature walk safari at the salt lick area to encounter zebras, Impalas and other wildlife lick the salt in lake Mburo national park. You will also sight a number of woodland birds during this guided nature walk. A hike to the top of the hill will reward you with a spectacular view of different lakes in the region. Retrieve from the adventure and start your journey back to Kampala with a stop-over at the equator for lunch before drop off to your final destination.

Optional Safari Activities In Lake Mburo National Park

Travelers have a diversity of activities to engage in on their visit to Lake Mburo national park for a safari and tour. These tourism activities can be explored in either a 2 days or 3 days safari to Lake Mburo national park by adventure visitors.

The park has a number of wildlife ranging from African buffalos, elands, hippos, impalas, jackals, leopards, oribi, reedbuck, topi, warthog, waterbucks, zebras and lately reintroduced giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park by Uganda wildlife Authority. Below are the optional activities you may go for;

Bird watching:

Lake Mburo national park is one of the best birding destinations in Uganda and it is mainly done along the swamps of Warukiri and Miriti. During your birding safari to Lake Mburo; expect to spot a number of bird species such as African grey hornbill, white-winged warbler, barefaced go-way bird, common quails, crested francolin, emerald spotted wood Dove, black-billed barbet, blue-napped mousebird, greenwood hoopoe, brown parrot, Lilac-breasted Roller, Nubian woodpecker, trilling cisticola, Rednecked Spur, Shoebill stork, African-wattled plover Rufous, Black Bellied Bustard, Coqui francolin, Flappet larks, red-necked spur fowl, Rufuos chested Swallow, southern Red Bishop, white backed heron temminck’s courser, yellow-throated long claw, and African finfoot.

Sport Fishing:

Lake Mburo national park is endowed with a number of lakes and landing sites such as Mazinga to offer sport fishing opportunities to tourists. You may catch different species such as Tilapia, lung fish, Haplochromes, mud fish and mud fish. Mazinga fishing spot is destined in a safe section of Lake Mburo with limited chances to be disrupted by crocodiles and hippos. Guests who take part in this safari activity may arrange with a local to fry some caught fish and eat it as a snack during the tour.

Horseback Riding:

Lake Mburo is among the very impressive national parks in Uganda for family travel experiences with horseback riding safari and tour. Visitors get very close to a number of animals such as zebras and Elands. The same activity can also be done in Kabwoya wildlife reserve along Lake Albert.

The horseback riding safaris are organized by Mihingo Lodge which is one of the high-end lodges located in Lake Mburo national park. Since December 2008, Mihingo signed a concession with Uganda Wildlife Authority to operate this activity within the park.  This tour can be adjusted according to the rider’s ability and knowledge about horses. Beginners are recommended to just walking adventure while advanced riders are given lovely stretches for trotting and cantering.

Cycling and Biking safari:

Lake Mburo national park has few big cats and makes biking a very fantastic adventure experience on your visit to the park. Cycling takes you in the middle of grazing zebra and surrounding local community to spot the Banyankole graze their long horned Ankole cattle. Biking safari is a special way to discover the park because it takes you nearer to nature! Guests intending to do this activity should pack enough water and snacks just in case of thirsty and hunger during the trip

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