One&Only Nyungwe House In Rwanda

Nyungwe house is found in natural beauty with amazing nature in front of the doorstep.

One&Only Nyungwe House In Rwanda

One&Only Nyungwe House – This is one of Rwanda’s iconic luxury accommodation and safari lodges which is found on the rim of Nyungwe forests national park. It is nestled within the Gisakura tea plantation. Nyungwe in Rwanda is known as the oldest rainforest in Africa. You will be staying in one of the 22 luxury rooms and suites that are located in the fascinating wooden villa clusters

Nyungwe house is found in natural beauty with amazing nature in front of the doorstep. The resort has got a lot of comprehensive and bespoke itinerary of activities for visitors from adventures which can be had at the resort.

You can decide to stay at Nyungwe Room and you sleep in the most comfortable secluded forest haven that has got a crackling fireplace, sumptuous amenities, and vibrant art which is an inspiration for the natural beauty of Rwanda. Private furnished balconies will allow you to have a look at the lush flora and the wildlife roaming for free.  You can also decide to stay at the forest suite and you can stay there with your friends, families in a spacious two-bedroom suite that has got every creature so comfortable. Celebrate around an amazing crafted dining table. You can also warm yourself with a crackling fire. Have unwind on a private deck that is usually immersed in nature.

The Nyungwe house started welcoming visitors from 1st October 2018.  For people to have fun and celebrate the destination, the resort was created and various activities are enjoyed here. Visitors are always able to choose from the inclusive activities daily or participate in a two-day session for a complimentary basis and as well as the other amazing experiences that are given on an additional fee. The well-trained and motivating guides are available to help you with all you need to make your stay amazing and memorable since they have the local knowledge of the region.

The complimentary and extensive daily activities provide a well-balanced combination of wellness, fitness, culinary, and sustainability and it all depends on the level of fitness. Visitors can also learn Africa’s ancient traditions like throwing the spear to the highest surroundings of the resort. You can do the activity with the family and also join the hilltop Archery. You can also join Nature’s boot camp and get the fresh air from the mountains. A guide takes visitors on foot on the Jurassic track surrounding the tea plantation and this walk will motivate you.

One&Only Nyungwe House leads to the end of the high-end properties in Nyungwe forests. In the same place, you will meet the gorilla’s nest in the volcanoes, National Park. It is the best place for guests looking for gorilla trekking in Rwanda after his or her chimpanzee trekking experience in the Nyungwe forests.

Nyungwe house being found in the rims of Nyungwe forests and is home to most primate populations in Africa. Many guests always get the chance to be part of the wide selection of excursions that accept you to be immersed in nature whilst living at the One&Only Nyungwe House. You will get the opportunity to see the colubus monkey and also do chimpanzee trekking. Nyungwe forest has got 13 species of primates and they include the population of the chimpanzee. Chimpanzee trekking is so fun but incredible.  The trek is along lush forest and wild paths with the help of the best tracker. Chimps are seen by humans around the Nyungwe forests and there is also bird watching at the resort and you will be able to see almost 300 bird species with almost 27 being endemic to the local Albertine Rift. The birds include Red Throated Alethe, Mountain Masked Apalis, and Blue-Headed Sunbird.

An expert guide will see their ears to listen and help you hear and manage to locate where birds are, they are in the elusive Rwenzori Turaco and you will see them in the grey chested Kakamega. The canopy walk is breathtaking and is a memorable experience and it is one of its kind in East Africa. it is in a division of 3 parts at 45metres, 90metres, 25metres in length, and 75 meters above the ground. The photographer will take amazing views of the flourishing fauna and flora. Guests may decide to leave in the morning with breakfast packed and you can have lunch as you are on the way.

Come and enjoy the elegant and magical sounds of nature.

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