Nkuringo Gorilla Permits In Bwindi Uganda

We are the leading tour companies taking tourists to Nkuringo for Gorilla safaris

Nkuringo Gorilla Permits In Bwindi Uganda.

Nkuringo gorilla permits In Bwindi Uganda- Nkuringo gorilla trekking trail is one of the popular places for gorilla trekking safaris or holidays in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Nkuringo gorilla trekking permits are always available for booking on daily basis. Visitors interested in booking for gorilla safaris or Holidays to Nkuringo should be read to visit and drive to the southwestern part of Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Africa Adventure Vacations is one of the leading tour companies taking tourists to Nkuringo for Gorilla safaris or holidays and provides all the relevant information about gorilla trekking in the Nkuringo sector.

Habituated mountain gorilla families in the Nkuringo sector.

Nkuringo gorilla trekking sector has three habituated gorilla families that are available for gorilla trekking and this means that only 24 gorilla permits are available to Nkuringo on daily basis. Each gorilla family is visited by a maximum of 8 people meaning that 24 people will be able to visit Nkuringo on daily basis. A habituated gorilla family is comprised of male silverbacks, female silverbacks, infants, and sometimes juveniles. Each gorilla family is guided and headed by a strong and dominant male Silverback.  Visitors intending to do gorilla trekking in Nkuringo like in any other sector must obtain a gorilla trekking permit that is valid for that specific trekking day and dates. Remember that each group is limited to only 1 hour of seeing the gorillas once a habituated gorilla family is spotted. The 3 gorilla families in the Nkuringo sector include the Nkuringo group, the Bushaho gorilla family with 8 individual gorillas, and the Bikigi Gorilla family.

How to book Nkuringo gorilla trekking permits

As earlier said, there are 24 gorilla permits available for Nkuringo on daily basis and therefore you work harder to make sure that you get one of the permits for the gorilla trekking in Nkuringo. Booking Nkuringo gorilla permits in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park Nkuringo sector is very easy provided you book with Africa Adventure vacations. All the gorilla trekking permits in Nkuringo within Bwindi are issued and handled by Uganda Wildlife Authority.  One can trek gorillas in Nkuringo without a valid gorilla trekking permit/card provided by the Uganda wildlife authority and allows you to spend only 1 hour with mountain gorillas. Once you have contacted us at Africa Adventure vacations and let us know of your date that you intend to go for gorilla trekking in the Nkuringo sector, we will check for the availability of permits on that particular date with UWA and after we have confirmed the availability, we shall let you know as we reserve the permits for about seven days waiting for you to make payments and once you have paid then we pay for the permit and send you the scanned copies.

At Africa adventure vacations, we only accept bank transfers and credit card payment, and cash, when you’re physically at our offices, are the only modes of payment that we accept. For those interested in booking for the safari to Nkuringo, a gorilla trekking permit costs $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents, and Uganda Shillings 250,000 for East Africa citizens of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, and Southern Sudan. It is important that you book your gorilla permit 3 to 4 months in advance for Nkuringo in Bwindi National Park because the permits tend to sell out quickly especially during the dry season deemed as the peak season.

How to get to Nkuringo for gorilla trekking

Nkuringo sector is a very accessible gorilla trekking sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park. Visitors can use road transport directly from Entebbe international airport which takes 8-9hours to drive as you make a stopover at the equator for breakfast and at Igongo cultural center in Mbarara for lunch. The road trip is entertaining and enjoyable with a lot of things to see on the road trip. Visitors can as well drive from Kigali international airport to cross the Katuna or Cyanika borders of Rwanda and Uganda and reach the Nkuringo sector. While accessing the Nkuringo via Rwanda, you will be able to pass through /drive through Kabale town and you will access this sector for about 4-5hours to drive from Kigali Rwanda to Nkuringo. You can as well opt to use air transport to connect to the Nkuringo sector by having a scheduled charter flight from Entebbe international airport/Kajjansi Airfield to Kihihi airfield which is located in Kanungu district. Aerolink is the best domestic airline company that operates morning scheduled flights from Entebbe/Kajjansi to Kisoro or Kihihi airstrip and there you connect t0 Nkuringo sector.

Nkuringo Gorilla Lodges And Accommodation

There are a lot of accommodation facilities in the Nkuringo sector ranging from camps, hotels, and lodges where visitors can stay for their gorilla trekking activity in this sector. The accommodation facilities in the Nkuringo area in form of budget, midrange accommodation facilities, and upmarket or luxury accommodation facilities. It is us Africa Adventure Vacations that can help you book a comfortable accommodation facility depending on your preference and budget. While in Nkuringo you can stay at Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla lodge and Ryarutagara as the best budget accommodation facility, then clouds Mountain Gorilla lodge as an upmarket lodge Luxury lodge. Visitors can also stay at Four Gorilla Lodge. since Rushaga is close to Nkuringo, then there is a chance that you can as well stay in accommodation facilities near Rushaga. And trek gorilla in Nkuringo Sector. It is only one hour to drive from Rushaga to the Nkuringo gorilla trekking sector. Most of the lodges ensure that there are standardized services including WIFE, en suite bathrooms all providing a three-meal course including breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Nkuringo habituation safari holidays and Inclusive

We make sure that your Nkuringo Gorilla habituation process is so inclusive and make sure that when you contact us then we shall handle all services and we are responsible for all the activities that we book for you. Nkuringo Gorilla habituation process in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park includes the gorilla habituation experience permits, accommodation facility, and transportation from and to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. The vehicle we use to transport you from Kigali or Kampala Entebbe and back are well maintained and handled by the tour guide who is well conversant with English and other local languages. All the prices are open and are not hidden at all. However, our Nkuringo Gorilla habituation process from in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park does not include international flights from your home country, visa and all expenses of personal nature just contact Africa Adventure Vacations for More information.

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