New Gorilla Family in Bwindi Forest National Park Uganda

Muyambi Gorilla Family Bwindi

New Gorilla Family in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

New gorilla family addition in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park: Muyambi gorilla family is an addition in the park since April 2020. These newly added gorilla families were warmly welcomed by the respective families.  On 1st May 2020, nshongi gorilla family got one newly born infant. This newly Nshogi born infant was born by Kabagyenyi and silverback Bweza. Currently the genders of these new born infants aren’t known because of the protection from their respective families specifically mothers.

Muyambi gorilla family is the more recent gorilla family in Bwindi for gorilla trekking by the tourists. Muyambi and the famous silverback of gorilla family was once a member of Mubare gorilla family which was the first gorilla family to be trekked in the park. Muyambi was formed in 2019 after splitting with Mubare gorilla family and the trekking was first done in 2019. This was very encouraging to the Muyambi gorilla family that is, welcoming a new born infant.

Nshongi gorilla family is the oldest gorilla family that was habituated first and put in place for trekking at Rushaga gorilla region in Bwindi. It was first availed for trekking in the year 2009 after being habituated in a year 2007. Nshongi gorilla family also has silverback. It was named Nshongi because it was found in Nshongi River and has dominant silver.

In earlier years, it had 35 gorilla members but due to the splitting of the silvrbacks, it has 23 gorilla members thus the biggest family in Rushanga gorilla region. Kabagyenyi is just ten years old and this is her first baby born and it is not yet named but soon it will be named. Nshongi gorilla family is made up of two silverbacks, ie, Kakono and Nshongi which is the dominant one. It has six adult females, that is, Shida, Munini, Bukojo, Bwiruka, Nyampundu and Kabagyenyi, 7 blackbacks, that is Bweza the father to the new infant, Tinfayo, Busasa, Kutu, Munnywa, Bwire and Matama, 5 juveniles, that is, Mureba, Mucunguzi, Rurehuka, Mahoro and Tindatine, 6 infants that is, Ninsiima,  Katoono, Bwiruka, Mukiza, Kazani, and Rotary plus the new born.

This newly born gorillas additions have increased the population of gorillas in Bwindi and this is because of the conservation plans of Uganda Wildlife Authority with its partners. The current census conducted shows the gorilla population is now 459 members thus Bwindi being the park with the highest gorilla population. More so, the current study shows that worldwide population of gorillas is 1063 individuals but with the additions in Bwindi and its counter parts, the population will increase.

Tourists who would love to watch the new born gorillas should arrange a gorilla safari with their tour operators to come to Bwindi and watch a particular gorilla family. To be part of gorilla trekking in Bwindi, you need a gorilla permit that is purchased from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

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