Narus Valley in Kidepo Valley National Park

Travelers or visitors in Narus valley for game drives will explore different bird species in large numbers and these include the ostrich and woodpecker

Narus Valley in Kidepo Valley National Park

Narus valley is one of the stunning tourism attractions that is located in Kidepo valley national park. Narus valley in Karamoja means a valley with a soggy or muddy environment as it is meant by Narus in the Karamoja region. Long ago the Karamoja people who are herd’s men used the valley as the washing and a place where they would take their animals for water. The fact that Karamoja is a semi-arid region, so they were hit with the problem of water shortage yet they are cattle keepers.

The valley of Narus commences from Mt Morungole in the North East of the Apoka tourism office and goes through the Kidepo valley park plains and finally onto the north in south Sudan. Narus valet features loam and clay soils and this makes it hold water for a long period. There are different swamps and wetland vegetation that hangs on during the dry season and retains water that is later used by animals in this valley.

Most of the wild animals in Kidepo valley national park rush to the Narus valley throughout the year because from here in the valley, the animals can get fresh water, grass and a conducive environment for cooling themselves during high temperatures remember the arid conditions of the park.

The geographical terrain of the Narus valley is determined by the spectacular curved hills that clocks towards the north. The vegetation of the Valley is typically grassland majorly composed of guinea grass, thatching grass, among others. There are still isolated sausage trees, desert trees, and other tree species that are well scattered making the Narus valley within Kidepo Valley National Park a true description of a savannah grassland area.

The Narus valley is Kidepo still is accompanied by river Narus which is at the bottom of the valley. The river floods during the rainy season and it’s the only place in Kidepo valley national park that remains with water sources even during the dry season. The river has supported various animals within the park and most of the animals if not all of them in big numbers are always sighted in this river as they look for water especially during the dry season. And this makes it convenient for travelers to see a variety of animals at ease.

The tracks have well established that pass via the Narus valley and this gives extra credit to visitors on safari game drives in the park to discover the hidden treasures of Kidepo valley national park in terms of viewing wildlife. One of the important and prominent tracks that are used by visitors to access the Narus valley is known as the Katurum track which is a bit raised to give clear views to wild animals in the valley.

Visitors interested in spotting various animals such as lions, leopards, zebras, waterbucks, cheetahs, bat-eared fox, warthogs, reedbucks, buffaloes, giraffes, Klipspringer,  and the dik-dik, have to pass through and visit Narus valley. During harsh climatic conditions or in the afternoon when the sun hits hard, animals trek through long distances to Narus valley and the water holes adjacent to Apoka tourist office and this provides opportunities for travelers to spot various animals.

Also, the bird watching trips in Kidepo valley national park is done within the valley and visitors move through the valley in search of the unique bird species. The topography is flay characterized by few trees and shot grass making bird watching so easy for the bird lovers. Most of the birds are spotted at the edge of the valley since it contains different hot spots such as swamps and water that favors the birds that love water bases conditions.

Travelers or visitors in Narus valley for game drives will explore different bird species in large numbers and these include the ostrich, woodpecker, secretary birds, Abyssinian ground hornbill, little weaver, Karamoja Apalis  Silver shrike, Vivacious bird, White-bellied go-away bird, among others. Visitors can as well construe this expedition to explore the Morungole Mountain which is so rewarding

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