Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations

General health Mountain Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations

Mountain Gorilla Trekking Rules And Regulations: Mountain gorilla are numbered to 450 in the world and only found in 3 nations that is Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and the remaining ones are lowland gorillas that are located in the zoo. Whenever you visit these gorillas try not to reduce their numbers because they are only 450 mountain gorillas left in the world and this is according to the 2006 census. If you are planning to trek the habituated mountain gorillas you should follow the following rules and regulations for your guidance.

When briefing is over at the headquarters, a maximum population of 8 people is allowed to trek each family of mountain gorillas. 8 people are allowed in because they are expected not to make noise and also to keep a distance from mountain gorillas so as to prevent the passing of human infectious borne diseases.

Endeavor to wash hand as you’re going for gorilla trekking.

Do not be at the top of your voice but be silent and keep your voices as low as possible when you’re searching for various mammals in the forest, do not forget that in the jungle forest is where birds and mammals stay, therefore keeping your voice calm enables you to see more of the mammals and birds that live in the particular forest. However, questions are accepted in case you want to understand more. Do not keep mam just because you’re told to keep your voice low

Once you approach mountain gorillas, you are advised by the rangers and guides to keep 7 meters away from the gorillas. This is so because the more you stand a little bit far, the more they will not be disturbed and they will continue with their daily activities hence you are advised to watch them closely as they play, eat, display their nests, groom each other and it is such a beautiful scenery to encounter.

No leaving your litter behind when trekking because animals are likely to eat that litter and end up dying. Therefore, keep your rubbish in your bags and as you’re leaving, go with them.

Always stay in you 8 tight groups and avoid moving around because gorillas may hurt you.

Avoid looking direct in the eyes of gorillas ad also do not try to run away when you encounter gorillas because you will be increasing the risk.

Do not drink, eat, smoke in the park premises because a drop might be left behind which might lead to the transmission of diseases.

You allowed to stay with the mountain gorillas for a maximum of 1 hour.

Do not use flash cameras with lights on while trekking.

When you have spent well you time and your 200 meters away, you can start talking in a low voice.

General health Mountain Gorilla Trekking Rules and Regulations

Always stay 7 meters away and to prevent the risk of gorillas catching diseases. But remember if you have flu or cough, you are not allowed to trek in the park. If you have diseases like airborne diseases, you can cough or sneeze when you’re covering on your nose and mouth so as to avoid passing the diseases.

If you are really badly off and you feel you want to use a toilet, you are required to dig a hole of 30 meters and after using it you are supposed to cover it.

You will be refunded when you are feeling ill or suffering from a contagious disease and you stay behind, you do not do your trekking.

No leaving rubbish back because gorillas are likely to die or be infected whenever they eat them.

What to bring with you for gorilla trekking tours in Africa.

Carry lotion, sunscreen, a hat, a rain gear and insect repellent.

Flash cameras are not accepted only a film camera is allowed.

Use ear plugs if you feel you’re not comfortable with jungle sounds.

Put on comfortable hiking shoes since the forest is slippery and steep.

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