Mountain Gorilla Filming In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

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Mountain Gorilla Filming In Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Mountain gorilla filming in Volcanoes National Park- Rwanda is one of the 3 countries where one can go and trek the endangered mountain gorillas in the world staying in their natural habitat. Other than Rwanda, other mountain gorillas can be seen in Uganda parks of Mgahinga gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, and then in the Democratic Republic of Congo Virunga National Park.

The activity of introducing mountain gorillas filming Rwanda was to promote the conservation of the mountain gorillas which are rare and endangered and also create awareness of these mountain gorillas among the population in the whole countries of the world. Mountain gorilla filming can only be done in the wild since mountain gorillas cannot live in any captivity or the zoo.

Similarly to normal gorilla trekking, the maximum number of people that are allowed to do filming in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is 8 and all the crew must fill in the appropriate forms and submit them to the relevant authorities (Rwanda Development Board) before they embark on the of the mountain gorilla filming in the volcanoes National Park. The crewmembers should send in their mountain gorilla filming proposals early enough like 4 months in advance to enable the authorities to process the filming permits in time, however at Africa adventure vacations, we can book for you short notice filming adventure in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park.

Can I film mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park?

Are you an individual or a film and production company interested in filming mountain gorillas and make a documentary about them? Instead of enjoying the one-hour gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park where you’re given just a short time to take photos or record shorty phone videos, you can now book and explore volcanoes National Park for a wonderful and magnificence mountain gorilla filming expedition and make television documentaries out of these great apes. Filming Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National park is an important adventure because it helps even the park management in the conservation of these endangered mountain gorillas as well as the creation of awareness about the gorillas among the people of the world.

Yes, filming mountain gorillas is possible in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda since the park has got habituated mountain gorilla families which are favorable for filming production and make a documentary. Walkthrough the jungle and film gorillas that reflect those you see in the “Gorillas in the Mist” film.

There are currently over 1063 mountain gorillas that remaining all over the world that reside in the 4 National parks of which Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is among. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda covers an area of about 160 square kilometers and its vegetation is major composed of rain tropical forests that are mingled with the bamboo forest and this itself makes the park more comfortable and easy for filming as compare to the dense impenetrable forests of Bwindi. In Uganda.

Visitors accessing Volcanoes National park will have to travel 65 miles which is equivalent to 105 kilometers traveling to the Northwestern side away from Kigali City and this journey approximately takes between two to three hours. Volcanoes National Park has got 10 habituated families of gorillas that are available for the visitor to track and film. The gorilla tracking or filming permits for Volcanoes National Park can be got from the Rwanda Development Board which is the body that is in charge of all the national parks in Rwanda and any activity that is carried out within the parks.

The cost of filming Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park

All those who are interested in filming and making professional photography of mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park will have to pay USD5000 for the filming pass that will last or valid for the 3 consecutive days in Volcanoes National Park. In addition to this money, you will have to pay USD2000 that will act as security and this will be refunded at the end of the activity after you have submitted the copies of the filmed gorillas to the Rwanda Development Board. The reason why you should submit the copy to the Rwanda Development Board is to prove that filming was just done for tourism purposes and not any other activity that would put the status of the endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park in danger. This fee that you pay for filming includes the filming permit application fees, clearing your filming equipment, transportation, and the best lodges where you will stay for the 3 days within and around the Volcanoes Park headquarters at Kinigi in Musanze District.

Please note that the cost of filming excludes the costs of the gorilla trekking permit in Volcanoes National Park, this means that when the filming crew is composed of eight members or less, you will have to purchase the 8 gorillas permits that will allow visiting each habituated gorilla family and this means that in simple terms, you will have to pay USD1500X8 which is equivalent to USD12000 for the whole filming crew per day with the group of maximum 8 people and this will be added to the filming fees to get all that you will pay for the whole mountain gorilla filming trip in Volcanoes National Park.

What is the cost of a gorilla trekking permit in Volcanoes National Park?

As earlier noted, the cost of filming mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park doesn’t include the costs of a normal gorilla trekking permit and therefore if you’re planning to do gorilla filming, you should know that you will have to buy the gorilla trekking permit separately.

The volcanoes gorilla trekking permits can be booked directly from the Rwanda Development Board or you can book the gorilla permit from a reputable tour operator like Africa adventure vacations to book the gorilla permit on your behalf once you contact us. For us, we shall check for the availability of the gorilla permits of your proffered dates and once we found availability on that day that you would come to Volcanoes National Park for the Filming project, then we shall reserve and secure it for you.

You need to know that the volcanoes gorilla permits sell quickly and therefore you need to book your gorilla permit in advance for at least four to five months to avoid missing out on the gorilla filming project in Volcanoes National park. The gorilla permit for Rwanda costs USD1500 per person per hour of seeing the gorillas. Please contact us at Africa Adventure Vacations for more information related to Rwanda gorillas and filming adventures.

How to obtain the Press cards in Rwanda

All the international media houses and journalists who are interested to film the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda will have to get credentials for the Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture and this is the only institution that can accredit you before you proceed Volcanoes National Park. To obtain a press card in Rwanda, you will need to pay USD30 which is charged to film crew members for a number of fifteen days, and then USD50 for up to one month. You need to contact us for the best information and aid of your paperwork for you to get the press cards in time

When to go to Volcanoes National Park to Filming the Mountain gorillas

Mountain gorilla filming in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda can be done any day or any season of the year but most of the journalists and film crew members prefer going to Volcanoes National Park for gorilla filming during the drier months when rains are little. The drier months include June, July, August, and early September and then early September to February. These months’ present the dry season in Rwanda hence the best place for gorilla filming however, filming can be done in any month of the year.

Filming equipment clearing in Rwanda

The filming equipment for you to use while of your excellent filming expedition in volcanoes National Park must be cleared at the Kigali international airport by the customs department in order for them to be allowed into Rwanda. The clearing of the equipment eases the process of filming as you incorporate the amount of time spent while filming in the forest, the filming permits, and the normal gorilla permits. If you trust us to clear your equipment, then you will have to provide with us the list of the equipment that you have with their specifications such that a serial number of the equipment, the type of the equipment, and the values of each piece of equipment which is always in the United States dollars and after obtaining this list then we will forward it to the clearing agent for the processing which will last for about three working days.

What to carry for the Mountain gorilla filming in Volcanoes national park

We recommend that for the tours going for the mountain gorilla filming in Uganda, should carry long-sleeved shirt, rain jacket, gardening gloves, walking stick, carry drinking water for snacks, and waterproof hiking boots, sunglasses, hats and long trouser among other. These will help you and protect you while in the jungle filming the endangered mountain gorillas.

Can I hire a porter during Filming Mountain Gorillas?

Yes, you hire the services of a porter if you need gorilla filming in Volcanoes National Park. The porters are available at the Park headquarters and they can assist you in carrying the filming equipment and they can as well help you when the trek gets tough. While using the services of the porters, your directly helping someone to earn a living out of your filming Adventure instead of resorting to the illegal cutting of trees or hunting down wildlife within the forest, or even inflicting harm to the endangered mountain gorillas. In other words, by hiring a porter, you’re supporting the conservation efforts of volcanoes National Park.

Getting to Volcanoes National Park for Mountain Gorilla Filming

Of all the four endangered mountain gorilla parks in the whole world, Volcanoes National park is the easiest accessible national park. Visitors you will just 2 to 3 hours to drive from Kigali international airport to Ruhengeri then drive to Kinigi park headquarters. And this makes Volcanoes National Park easier to reach on the road compared to any other Gorilla Park. At Africa adventure vacations, we shall hold you by organizing for you the transportation with the local driver to help you do your mountain gorilla filming in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda so successfully.

In conclusion, therefore, Mountain gorilla Filming in Volcanoes National park is another engrossing adventure that clients or visitors engage in while in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. Imagine spending over 2 days filming the endangered mountain gorilla in the wild which is a very interesting activity.

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