Mount Nyiragongo Hike In Virunga National Park

When Hiking Nyiragongo Mountain, you may opt to stay 2 bed nights at the Volcano and it can be organized for you by getting in touch with us.

Mount Nyiragongo Hike In Virunga National Park

Mount Nyiragongo Hike: Nyiragongo is among the many volcanoes in the Virunga range with the likes of Mountain Muhabura, Mount Gahinga, Mount Sabinyo, and Mount Karisimbi. The Virunga Mountains are found in the Albertine rift Valley of western escarpment. Mountain Nyiragongo is reached when coming from the Virunga National Park and the tours heading to the mountains is organized by the park with a trustworthy tour operator like Africa Adventure Vacations. Mountain Nyirragongo’s trail head is found 15 minutes away from Goma city and is 20 meters from Lake Kivu. The elevation of Mount Nyiragongo is 3,470 meters which is almost the same as 11,380ft.

Mount Nyiragongo hike lasts for 2 days and it all begins from Goma border to the Bukima patrol post. Mountain Nyiragongo is still an active volcanic mountain which you can reach out for throughout the year at your best convenient time. The Nyiragongo hike is so challenging but amazing when you reach at the top of the volcanic mountain. Hikers always spend almost 6 hours climbing the mountain but they will stop twice so as to fresh and get new energy to hike to the top. The fauna and flora met while hiking to the volcanic of Nyiragongo is breathtaking and you will also enjoy birds if you’re really a bird lover when in the path to the summit shelters.

You are required to buy a Nyiragongo hike permit from the park. The permit costs 300 USD per person and is always sold along with the tourist Visa of DR Congo, transportation from and to Grande Barrier building and also one night stay at the Nyiragongo summit shelter. Tourists are required to be at the Virunga tourism office by 7am on the day of trekking and it is at Grande barrier border where the Virunga tourism offices are located. You will be given hiking permit from these offices plus the travel requirements which allow you to do the hiking. The furthest time to check in is at exactly 8am and if not, know you are going to be left behind by the convoy of the other trekkers going to the trailheads and for you, you will not be accepted to follow them thus your booking will be void and null. All packages heading to Virunga National Park have assigned departure times and days even for those headed to the Rumangabo sector.

While at crater rim during the clear nights, you will be able to watch the boiling lava of the Crater Lake which is spotted at the top of Nyiragongo Mountain. Mountain Nyiragongo is said to be the largest Crater Lake in the world and its width is 2 meters. Nyiragongo volcano and Nyamulagira volcano are said to be accountable for the 40% of the volcanic eruptions in the world for the past years. The last eruption of Mount Nyiragongo happened in 2002 and the lava flew up to Lake Kivu and Goma town and it destroyed a lot of property plus claiming the lives of some Congolese. A crater lake was again formed after a few months something that had last happened in 1994.

When Hiking Nyiragongo Mountain, you may opt to stay 2 bed nights at the Volcano and it can be organized for you by getting in touch with us. This chance happens twice a month and on 2 consecutive nights for the opted dates and is arranged for only 4 hikers. This will give you an opportunity to watch the volcano from the top during the day hours. You need to be well equipped before hiking to the top because there is not food supply at the top of the volcano or that you might find a shop. Therefore it is good to hire a porter who will help you to carry your luggage and makes sure it is safe plus guiding you through your hiking trip.

What to take on your Nyiragongo Hike

The overnight hike requires you to usually check whether you have Nyiragongo backpack booked and this includes sleeping bag, water bottle and they are supposed to be used at the summit.

You can hire a chef to cook for you while you are on your hike.

You will need a walking stick to use when climbing up and down the hill.

Porters are also useful in carrying your luggage.

Log sleeved shirts and trousers will be used to protect you from bush scratches which might also cause skin irritations.

Hat or cap can be used to protect you from the sun.

Binoculars, good cameras, navigation maps or campus, energy snacks/ bars are also important and you should not leave them behind.

You can also pack warm clothes in your luggage while hiking to the active volcano of Nyiragongo because sometime temperatures change to 0 degrees especially when you at the top and in the night summit.

 Carry enough batteries for your camera and phone or may also come with a power bank.

Come along with vital medication that you might take because of the dizziness you might get when ascending to the volcano. You may need pain killers or other medications.

Pack also hiking shoes to use for this job. It is good to use the shoes you have ever used because the shoes might surprise you.

Check our 2 day mount Nyiragongo hike and also 3 day Nyiragongo hike packages. Book with us as you hike up this volcano.

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