Mount Morungole In Kidepo National Park

Mountain Morungole is ideal for the visitor to do photography, and it takes 8 hours to hike the mountain Morungole as you experience the uniqueness of the safari

Mount Morungole In Kidepo Valley National Park

Morungole Mount stand at 2,750m and this makes it the highest mountain in Kidepo valley national park. The mountain is situated in the northeast of Apoka tourism office and occupies most parts of the southern boundaries of Kidepo valley national park.

Generally, mount Morungole is not as tall as other mountains in Uganda say Elgon, Ruwenzori, and others but the fact that the mountains are raised in flat Karamoja plains, makes this mountain range outstanding to be at that height above the seas level. The vegetation if this mountain is majorly the montane forests which are interesting

The fact that mount Morungole is the highest mountain in the Karamoja region, forms one of the critical factors when it comes to climate modification which affected the wildlife movements within the park. The presence of this mountain has posed several tourism attractions within the really interesting park and this is why tourists find it so interesting and adorable.

Mt Morungole acts as a water catchment area for rivers Narus and Kidepo. The rain season makes different streams pour into these rivers and floods the valley and this makes the vegetation regenerate as wildlife especially animals celebrate their increased food availability. Usually, the valley is a hub to several travelers visiting the Kidepo valley National park since it is in the valley that presents high chances of seeing the animals. During the rainy season, however, water levels reduce, and because of these some of the animals are forced to migrate into deeper areas of the park for hibernation.

Visitors to Kidepo Valley National Park quickly find or spot Mount Morungole and can easily be visible since it is the only mountain standing in the flat plains. Travelers who have never visited the park may find its true nature in its form and have always described it as a wonderful mountain for hiking safaris amidst flat plains.

Mount Morungole is ideal for the visitor to do photography, and it takes 8 hours to hike the mountain Morungole as you experience the uniqueness of the safari and place you have never seen as you enjoy the pristine wildlife species as well as the culture of the Ik people who known to be the first settlers in this region.

As said above, Mt Morungole is unique in such a way that it houses the unique cultural people of Africa known as the Ik. The Ik are the smallest ethnic group that are believed to have migrated from Ethiopia and occupy the Karamajong areas and Kenyan side. These people are prestigious with their culture and they’re proud of it. They have a lot of traditional practices and everything they do is in their traditional way ranging from dressing, taking, and feeding habits. There are few tribes in Uganda that they dint not accept the western culture to ruin theirs. Visitors taking cultural visits to these people will share the best memories of their life. Visit Morungole Mountain for a better position to spot unique wildlife species in Kidepo Valley National Park

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